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Twenty-seven years in three independent schools have instilled in me that executing an authentic, values-based mission with the student experience at its core, enables Trinity Prep to help your child grow to be a fantastic learner and an incredible human being.  Our chapel program provides spiritual growth to persons of all faiths or none at all, our athletics program will prepare you for life-long fitness or the Olympic trials, and our fine arts program may lead you to Broadway if performing fills you up. Most importantly, Trinity Prep prepares you to engage the world deeply, thoughtfully, and intellectually in every academic discipline with a goal of preparing you for the best collegiate experience for you that the world has to offer.

Students take so many cues from teachers that the job of teaching is and has always been a public leadership exercise. “Hire the best people the market will allow, learn to trust them, verify their excellence, and applaud their efforts.”  My most important responsibility is to hire the best teachers and coaches I can, and to give them the tools to be their best selves with the students they lead. My mission is to believe in people whose best selves may forever be just around the corner. 

Our teachers have had such a great impact on the lives of our students and graduates, and I’m privileged to work on teams that create learning and work environments where everyone pursues and often achieves excellence in every way. Our faculty cultivate a sense of wonder, and help students on their path to clarity.  And, with regular and substantive professional development, up-to-date teaching tools, and contact with parents, colleges and universities, you can understand why our alumni, parents, and foundations have supported us through our fifty years history. I can’t imagine a better professional life.

I love schools. My growth path has taken me all over the world searching for best practices in leading a learning institution. From undergraduate work at the University of Chicago to graduate work at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, with academic presentations from Boston to Tel Aviv with many stops in-between, I’ve learned that great schools commonly refer to teachers as leaders, present challenges to students and support them as they work to meet those goals, and place a premium on physical, mental, and spiritual wellness for all.

When all of the energy, thought, and concern culminates in a graduate, we know that a student has been appropriately and developmentally challenged in mind, body and spirit. We also know that each student has been cared for in such a way that their memories of 5700 Trinity Prep Lane are full of victories and defeats, smiles and laughter, and the clear understanding that we can’t wait to hear about the next chapter of their lives.

My Best and Godspeed,

Byron M. Lawson Jr.
Head of School


Why Trinity Prep? This is Why!

Curiosity is at the core of everything we do at Trinity Prep. Our students and faculty love to ask questions, find answers and, in turn, ask more questions. We encourage students to learn about themselves and the world. They do this through activities and projects that speak to their interests, such as studying photography on a class trip to India, establishing a non-profit, creating a tracking system for space debris, going out for the lacrosse team or tending to the school vegetable garden. We are doers, thinkers and creators.

Trinity Preparatory School’s core values of excellence, faith, character development and family ensure that students are immersed in a caring and supportive environment that offers the top educational programs in Central Florida. As the No.2-ranked private school and STEM school in the Orlando area, Trinity Prep offers unmatched educational and extracurricular opportunities for its students.