Trinity Prep is incorporating a HyFlex (hybrid/flexible) educational model, equipped with resources that serve the needs of all our students, whether they are on campus or remote. All students have access to our digital platforms, Canvas, and G Suite, as well as to our physical campus. Faculty are well equipped to support the school's HyFlex campus needs and provide academic continuity, with direct access to classes synchronously for all students on campus and at home. 

In this time of great change, know that while the manner of delivery may take new form, we're committed to providing you and your student with what you expect from Trinity Prep: the best education, enriching extracurricular options, a strong, supportive community, and the opportunity to learn, laugh, play, and perform. 

Though this list is neither exclusive nor exhaustive, it is intended to give you a glimpse into our current plans for some of the largest areas of adjustment. We are committed to flexibility, as circumstances and protocols change. 

Information for Families

When do I stay home and when can I return to school? Please find the following slides that outline this important information.

TPS Community Pledge

Trinity Prep's entire community is working together to stay safe!

It's a Great Time to be a Trinity Prep Saint

Trinity Prep is ranked in the top 1 percent of America’s 22,000 high schools (both public & private) for educational excellence.

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