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Byron M. Lawson Jr. began his tenure as the fifth head of Trinity Preparatory School on July 1, 2016. Byron shares his excitement about becoming part of the Trinity family in his letter below. The board's announcement of Byron's hire is included as well.

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Letter from Byron Lawson

September 21, 2015

Dear Trinity Family,

I write to introduce myself as the next head of school of Trinity Preparatory School. As I advanced through the search process, I remarked to my wife, “This position at Trinity Prep feels like the job I have been preparing for my entire life.” After our visit to Winter Park, my wife, Courtney, and I said to each other, “It feels like this could be home.” So, I did not hesitate to answer when Paul Dietrich and Paul Perkins called me and asked, “Would you be willing to be the next head of school of Trinity Prep?” I said, “Yes, of course.” Since then, I have looked forward to joining the community and to fully embracing my roles and responsibilities as the fifth head of school of Trinity Preparatory School.

Like Trinity Prep, the school where I currently work also values the spiritual and ethical development of its students as integral to a contemporary and thorough 21st-century education. Along with faculty and staff, I hope to partner with parents in developing young people of sound character who respectfully express their individual spiritualities, who have compassion for their fellow man, and who lead through service.

I believe each day in the classroom or studio or on the athletic field should bring a great sense of wonder and an equally rewarding sense of clarity for faculty and students alike. Delving deeply into the learning process can be both refreshing and exhausting. I hope to foster an atmosphere in which, at day’s end, we measure educational success by achievement and effort. Additionally, we will pat each other on the back and say, “Look at what we have accomplished together.”

The Trinity Prep community has extended an incredible amount of warmth to my wife and me; we are grateful, honored, and humbled by your sense of generosity and caring. In the not-too-distant future, I look forward to serving the learning, growth, and development of each member of the Trinity family. In time, I hope to meet everyone in his or her own space and at the most appropriate time. In the meantime, I intend to celebrate the incredible work and effort Craig Maughan has put into growing Trinity Prep into the outstanding place of learning that it is today.


Byron M. Lawson Jr.
Trinity Preparatory School

Board's Announcement

September 21, 2015

Dear Members of the Trinity Family,

I am excited to report that the Search Committee has completed its work and that the Board of Trustees has hired Trinity Prep’s fifth head of school. You will recall that we conducted a national search for our next head of school. That search led us to Byron Lawson, Jr. Byron has accepted the Board’s offer to succeed Craig Maughan beginning July 1, 2016.

Armed with a degree in history from University of Chicago and later a master's degree in history from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Byron’s 21 years of experience in independent schools has taken him from The Kinkaid School to St. Mark’s School of Texas and now to us. Along the way, Byron has taught history, served as assistant dean of students for pre-kindergarten through 12th grades, director of financial aid and assistant director of admissions, history department chair, and assistant to the headmaster. As the assistant to the headmaster at St. Mark’s, Byron is involved with fundraising, works closely with the parent association, chairs or participates on all school leadership committees, administers the faculty recruitment/hiring budget, directs the Fellows Program, sets the curriculum and oversees the needs of the History Department, and is responsible for all faculty recruitment, hiring, evaluation, and retention.

Byron’s multiple references are outstanding. One of his references stated, “No one cares more about kids and works harder for an institution than Byron. Byron does everything well and right.” That statement precisely captures the preparation, enthusiasm, and vision Byron displayed during his interviews with the members of our school community. Consistent adjectives that emerged from those who interviewed Byron while he was on campus last week are “passionate,” “engaging,” “approachable,” and “genuine.” One person simply wrote “Wow!” The search committee is confident that Byron Lawson is the right fit for Trinity Prep at this time in its history.

Byron’s wife, Courtney, is accomplished in her own right. She is also a graduate of University of Chicago, was a collegiate volleyball and softball player, and is currently a family medicine physician. Byron and Courtney have two children, boys aged 17 and three. Over the coming months, we will be planning opportunities for Byron and Courtney to be in Winter Park to start becoming a part of our family, and we will let you know those plans as they crystallize.

I cannot conclude without letting you know how supportive Craig Maughan has been of the Search Committee’s work. He has provided valuable insight and wisdom for which I am extremely grateful, and welcomed each candidate warmly to our campus.

With the search concluded, we will turn our attention to transition and look forward to the continued growth and excellence of our school. As we do, the entire Search Committee thanks you for the interest and support you have provided over the past several months. We know you will show that same support to the Lawsons.

With best regards,

D. Paul Dietrich II, ’83, P’15, P’18, P’19, P’20

Chair, Search Committee

Vice-Chair, Board of Trustees

Paul C. Perkins, Jr. ’84, P’14, P’18

Chairman of the Trinity Preparatory School Board of Trustees