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Head of School

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Trinity Prep. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I know you’ve been  thinking about the health and welfare of your family and what it might mean to be a part of Trinity Prep in this unusual time.

This fall, we have committed ourselves to maintaining the type of excellence that we are known for. Our teachers have worked tirelessly to prepare a strong curriculum that enables effective learning to flourish behind a mask. Administrators have created an infrastructure that allows students and parents who have chosen remote learning to do so with as little difficulty as possible. And, where we have found difficulty, we have taken swift and deliberate action to remedy issues as quickly as possible. Even with so much to do and so much to prepare for, three teachers found ways to truly excel on the national stage. Vanessa Spallone, World Language Chair published an article in l’Elan, the publication of the National French Honor Society, and the University of Chicago will honor Dean of Students Kelly Aull and Publications Director Erin Miller with the University of Chicago Outstanding Educator Award. We are proud of our faculty members’ abilities and their contributions to their crafts.

In short, we are doing now what we strive to do every day: make the best experience possible for Trinity Prep students, regardless of circumstances.

This year, some of the wonderful traditions of Trinity Prep will be a little different. Homecoming will hearken back to the winners of our first football victory. We won’t have as many visitors and spectators on the campus as we have had in the past. But we still look forward to enjoying the spirit of competition and camaraderie with wonderful football and powder puff games and all of the festivities that accompany Homecoming in high school.

If you were wondering what it is really like to be a Trinity Prep student, please contact our admission office. There are ways to get to know us that are similar to what you might expect in an in-person visit to a classroom or conversation with a teacher or administrator. 5700 Trinity Prep Lane is still a great place to be a student and a wonderful place to work. I look forward to your stopping by.

My Best and Godspeed,

Byron M. Lawson Jr.
Head of School