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Mission & Leadership

Our Mission

The mission of Trinity Preparatory School of Florida is to develop individuals who will excel in college and in life, contribute to their communities, lead in a changing society, and grow spiritually.

Our Values

In support of our mission we reaffirm our commitment to these four core values:

Trinity Family

Our community values traditions, respects the dignity of each member of the Trinity family, and is safe, caring, and supportive.

Educational Excellence, both Academic and Extracurricular

We are committed to encouraging passionate engagement and providing challenging programs, exemplary instruction, and meaningful guidance.

Leadership and Character Development

Our school promotes leadership, ethical behavior, personal responsibility, and reinforces the highest standard of character and honor.

Faith and Spirituality

We affirm the spiritual dimension of life and sustain a community where all are encouraged to explore and deepen their own faith.

Our Vision

The vision of Trinity Preparatory School of Florida is to be a top college prep school in the nation, built on a foundation of tradition and excellence, while embracing the promise and challenge of the future.

Head of School

Byron M. Lawson Jr.

Board of Trustees


Chair: Judith Burnett Manning
Vice Chair: Andrew Asher '91
Secretary: Sam Stark
Treasurer: Don Wordell


Steve Alch
Johannah Brown
Casey Cooper '84
Catherine Davey
Carina Borkon '04
Bridget Hawley
Ora-Monet Hughes '04
Blair Hull
Bradley James
Robert Johnson '73
Mike Kovaleski '99
Mark Martin
Steve Saxon '73
Patty Sherman
Jonathan Taylor
Eileen Tongson
Corey Whiting '03
to be named, Bishop’s rep

Ex-officio Trustees

Byron Lawson (Head of School)
Mary Ranson (TPO President)
Derek Gregg (Athletic Boosters)
Eileen Tongson (Patrons of the Arts)
Carina Borkon '04 (Alumni Advisory Board)
Stefani Wood, Faculty rep

Trustees Emeriti

The Rev. Canon A. Rees Hay (d)
Jack D. Holloway (d)
Frank M. Hubbard (d)
John H. Quinn (d)
Jack H. Zimmer (d)