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With Much Love, Ariel

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Kelly Gaines

Written By: Gloria Fry

Have you ever heard of Letters for Destiny? It is a student-led organization that sends e-cards and handwritten cards to Children’s Hospitals across the country. Their mission is to bring everlasting smiles to kids who may be sick or struggling with the effects of cancer or severe illness.

One of our students, TPS Senior Ariel Wang, has spent several months participating in this endeavor, and to date - has sent more than 713 e-cards to children across the US! She takes the time to make each card different so that each child receives a unique card - just for them. Ariel began volunteering her time for Letters for Destiny because she believed that these kids were probably really scared and going through some really hard times. She felt the desire to give back and to do something thoughtful.


Thanks so much to Ariel Wang for being a beacon of hope for others, and for her thoughtful contributions to Letters for Destiny.

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