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At Trinity Prep, we’re always excited by applications coming through all year long from exceptional Central Florida area students. We recently sat down with our exceptional admissions team and asked them what advice they’d give to aspiring Trinity Prep Saints.

What do you look for in a Trinity Prep application?

Trinity Prep does a holistic review of all of our applicants. Typically, we look for a student who is passionate about education and their long-term goals. We love students who are excited about new opportunities and connecting with others. We love diversity of thought and experience! 

What do you wish students knew about the application process?

I wish students knew that applying for Trinity Prep is a pathway to new opportunities. The process is quick and easy, and it may just be the first step in the process to meeting your long-term goals such as going to a high-level college.  We focus on creating a very student-centered experience.

What do you wish parents knew about the application process?

I wish parents understood that admissions representatives know when they [parents] write their student’s questionnaire [for them]. We want to hear from your student(s) in order to understand what gets them out of bed in the morning and makes them excited about school. 

Giving your student the ability to answer those questions allows our admissions team to give your student the most dynamic experience through their application and visit process. The questionnaire is one of the first steps your student takes in the ownership of their educational experience.

Trinity Prep is unique in that it offers rolling admission. Why do you all like rolling admission so much?

Many people like rolling admission because it allows the family to have the information they need quickly in order to make a decision. Rather than waiting on the Trinity Prep admissions committee deadlines a family is able to complete their application and have it reviewed upon their timeframe. This can be particularly helpful to new movers and families that may have students in multiple schools. The rolling admission process allows families to have all the information they need from their schools so they are able to make an adequate and informed decision. It allows us to build a great relationship with our new families and build their sense of community in great advance of the school year starting. 

What are the financial aid options like for Trinity Prep?

Trinity Prep offers need-based financial aid. Trinity prep offers about $2.1 million in financial aid each year. The applications use prior year taxes. Trinity Prep does not accept any external scholarships at this time.

Does Trinity offer in-person tours? If so, what can a student expect?

Trinity Prep offers in-person tours and visits! A campus tour typically takes about an hour and a half and you will see all of the spaces where students engage and learn on campus. During the tour, you will hear from people we call ‘preferred constituents,’ such as the classroom teachers, program directors, athletic department or fine arts departments depending on your students’ interests.

After the tour, you’ll sit down with our admissions staff to learn more about our application and financial aid process, if you need to. The tour is very personal, so we’re happy to discuss any information specific to your student and family!

Lastly, why do you think a potential student or parent should consider enrolling at Trinity Prep? What sets you all apart?

Trinity Prep is the number one prep school in Central Florida. We have a wonderful campus with a tremendous community of people. More than our beautiful campus we have qualified staff to help your students maximize their own track and trajectory. Trinity Prep has the widest course curriculum in Central Florida and also boasts four times the national average of Ivy League plus admission. We also set students up for success. Last year alone, our graduates were awarded over $16 million in scholarships! For many of them, that means going to college and pursuing a degree they love without the stress of looming debt and financial burdens post-grad. 

Want to see for yourself what sets Trinity Prep apart from other Orlando private schools? Schedule a tour or give our admissions team a call at 321-282-2515.