In the halls of Trinity Prep, a creative revolution takes shape, fueled by the dedication of our educators and the boundless spirit of our Saints. At the forefront of this movement stands the Creative Writing and Literary Society, a nurturing community of fellow creatives discovering their impressive talent and storytelling abilities.

This year, Trinity Prep students Shay C. and Hugo P. soared to victory in the esteemed Page 15 High School Writing Competition in partnership with the Florida State Poets Association. Additionally, Charlotte L. was recognized for her winning submission to the 2024 Maitland Library High School Poetry Contest. Their achievements spotlight individual brilliance and the support and strength in Trinity’s growing literary program.

Amid these victories, Skylight, Trinity Prep’s literary journal, just published its 2024 issue, available throughout campus. With each new year, middle and upper school students bring fresh creative perspectives and expressions to its pages. This year’s issue, designed by Riya C. and Jackie C., continues the tradition of celebrating captivating written and artistic contributions.

As we applaud the accomplishments of Shay, Hugo, Charlotte, and the many contributors to Skylight, we also celebrate the influence of literature on inspiring minds, forging connections, and sparking transformation. Through our shared dedication, we nurture creativity and cultivate a community where every voice finds resonance and every dream flourishes.