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It’s the most wonderful time of the year — back to school! After a fun summer (and plenty of mornings sleeping in), we know it can be hard to get back into the swing of things. Here are some tips to help you get back in the headspace for school, whether you’re a student or a teacher:

Set alarms earlier

Sleeping in is the hardest habit to break once school starts back up. In the weeks leading up to school, set your alarm incrementally earlier. Give yourself 5-10 minutes each time of having to get up earlier and work backwards. You can even give yourself a day or two of waking up at the time you’d need to for school as “dress rehearsals.” Once school starts, your body will be more accustomed to waking up when it needs to!

Prepare the night before

Laying out your clothes, packing a lunch, and ensuring your paperwork is in place before you go to bed makes mornings more streamlined. Plus, preparing the night before reduces the chance of pre-coffee brain fog making you forget something important. If you get everything ready the night before, you can go to bed relaxed and start your mornings with a little less stress.

Brush up on your old notes

Summer amnesia (aka information loss) happens to everyone. If you’ve got your old notes from the year before, give yourself a week to casually go read through them. You don’t have to study them like you would during test prep, but give your brain time to recall some of that information. Reviewing old material can keep it fresh, especially STEM subjects where material builds upon previous concepts.

Think about the positives

It’s easy to let yourself fall into a negative headspace about the end of summer. You miss sleeping in. You miss hanging out with your pets. You miss the lower-stress environments or maybe even a summer job you have to put on pause. Consider spending a few days leading up to school reframing your mindset. A study from Kings College in London found that any sort of positive thinking can supplant intrusive thoughts and stave off anxiety. If you’re feeling anxious about the new school year, jot down a few positive thoughts of what you’re looking forward to!

Let yourself find a rhythm

Each year of school is different. You’ve got different goals, classes, and extracurricular activities from year to year. Give yourself time once school starts to figure out the best schedule for you and your coursework. You might find that what worked last year doesn’t work this year! Spend your first few weeks making a note of your regular schedule, upcoming test dates, and out-of-school priorities. Once you get a groundwork of what that looks like, you’ll be able to better set your schedule and calendar accordingly.

We’re excited to have the Trinity Prep community back together again, and we’re sure that 2022-2023 will be a phenomenal school year! Looking for a place where your child feels excited for school? Trinity Prep offers your child the opportunity to thrive in a challenging, diverse environment. Want to see for yourself what sets Trinity Prep apart from other Orlando private schools? Schedule a tour or give our admissions team a call at 321-282-2515.