Embarking on a journey filled with triumphs and growth, Director of Athletics Colin Sullivan just wrapped up his first fall season at Trinity Prep. With numerous memorable achievements, his dedication to inspiring teamwork, resilience, and an enduring Saint spirit has already made an impact. In an exclusive interview, he reflects on the goals set at the outset, the remarkable achievements of the athletes and teams, and the concerted efforts to build strong connections with the Trinity family.  Join us as we delve into the success, camaraderie, and commitment to enhancing the student-athlete experience at Trinity Prep.

What were your goals for your first fall season at Trinity Prep, and how do you think the department did in reaching them?

My initial goal during the first season was to listen and observe. In doing so, I approached the position with my eyes wide open while evaluating where we could be more efficient and strategic in our planning and operations around athletics. Trinity Prep is committed to athletics and growth through physical education, and I look forward to continuing to enhance the student-athletic experience moving forward.

How did our sports teams perform this season, highlighting notable achievements?

Each of our fall sports programs performed well throughout their seasons and showed improvement. As a department, we had strong individual and team performances that resulted in postseason opportunities at the conference, district, regional, and state levels. Some of the highlights from the fall season include Individual State qualifiers in Girls Bowling and Boys and Girls Swimming and Diving; Regional Qualifying in Boys and Girls Cross Country; District Qualifying in Boys and Girls Golf; Girls Volleyball; and Sunshine State Athletic Association Playoff Game in Football.

How did you approach building relationships with coaches, student-athletes, and the Trinity family?

I spent much of my first season at Trinity Prep attending as many practices and competitions as possible. This included middle school, junior varsity, and varsity events. With many coaches also serving as faculty, it’s been great to engage with folks in the academic and school setting and learn how we can best support our students on and off the field of play. I’ve also enjoyed attending TPO and Booster meetings and learning more about how our fantastic families and volunteers assist in helping us achieve our goals.

Do you have a memorable moment in your first three months at Trinity Prep? or summarize your experience.

There have been many memorable moments that I can look atfrom my first season. These highlights include recognizing 58 fall senior student-athletes before our Homecoming game, our Athletics Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, our hosting of Citrus League Championships for both middle and high school events, and watching our cheerleaders and drumline perform at events and pep rallies. Having spent the majority of my career around athletics, I’m forever grateful and reminded of the value team-based experiences bring to those participating. This was evident during my first season at Trinity Prep, and I’m looking forward to many more seasons of memories.

What are you looking forward to in the next season?

I’m looking forward to continuing to build strong relationships with our students, coaches, and members of the TPS community. I’m especially looking forward to a winter athletic season when I no longer have to compete with the weather of New England and the Northeast.