The Trinity Prep community constantly looks for new opportunities to give back. One man is helping spearhead and shape giving at Trinity and how that giving impacts Saints past, present, and future.

Todd Hartung joined Trinity Prep recently as the Assistant Head of School for External Affairs. We sat with him to unpack that role and showcase his excitement for supporting our Saints and the Central Florida community.

Understanding the Role

Hartung’s role at Trinity Prep is unique and positions Trinity Prep as a leader in advancing the school's mission.

“I do anything that elevates and moves the school forward,” Hartung said. He noted that his role encompasses admission to development, marketing, and communications. “It makes sense to have those housed under one group. We work as one rather than separate groups.”

Hartung’s experience before coming to Trinity Prep included 25 years working at three different schools — two independent schools and one higher educational school. He and his family spent the last 24 years in North Carolina before moving to Central Florida.

“Independent private and prep day schools offer the best value,” Hartung said. “You get academic excellence, but you also have the parenting component at night, so you engage the parents. It becomes more of a partnership with the family.”

Hartung said that the family appeal and Trinity Prep’s history of success are a large part of what drew him to the school to work.

“Trinity Prep is a school that offers a variety of benefits for our students,” he said. “I wouldn’t have joined the school if it wasn’t a fit for my children and family. Trinity Prep is the academic school in the area.”

How Hartung is Helping Shape Giving at Trinity Prep

Hartung is helping spearhead one of Trinity Prep’s biggest expansion projects, the “Building for Tomorrow” campaign. The Nochur Sankar Science Center will become the school’s new campus home for math, science, and engineering courses. With its anticipated construction, the two-story science center will encompass 35,000 square feet and include flexible, dynamic classroom spaces, 11 science and engineering labs, six seminar rooms, and common areas built for inquiry and collaboration.

He explained that two significant lead gifts were influential in the project's kick-off. That commitment is vital for investing in these projects.

“When families invest with multi-year gifts, it allows us to build more than a shell of a building. We’re able to invest,” he said.

“These donors share a common theme of valuing education and excellence,” he continued. “It’s an exciting time for Trinity, further solidifying that if you’re in the Orlando area and value education,  Trinity is a place you should look.”

Click here to learn more about the capital campaign and the STEM building. If you’re interested in touring Trinity to understand what makes it so exceptional, schedule a tour with our admissions team! We’d love to show you around.