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Education goes beyond the basics of reading, writing, math, and science. At Trinity Prep, we believe a comprehensive education includes emotional growth and character development. The world needs young people who are healthy, balanced and civically-minded adults with passionate drives to make informed decisions about our world. That’s why our school invests in character education from enrollment to graduation.

What is Character Education and Development in Schools

Character education incorporates values, ethics and emotional maturity throughout the curriculum. These moments are rarely straightforward lessons on “how to be a better person.” They’re woven throughout classroom discussions, literary analysis, and experiencing arts and sciences through the eyes of unique perspectives. We believe schools do more than get kids ready for college. They play a fundamental role in preparing the next generation of leaders, and thus should encourage students to become well-rounded, passionate adults who can shape the world.

How Trinity Invests in Character Development

Exceptional teachers and faculty

Our teachers, faculty and staff are the heartbeat of Trinity Prep. They come from diverse backgrounds, education levels and family backgrounds. What they have in common is an exceptional drive to see each student discover and embrace who they are and how they can impact the world through the tools they gain through education. They help foster an ethical learning community that adheres to the same values they teach in their classrooms.

Challenging curriculum

A challenging academic environment helps students develop a strong character. They learn the value of intrinsic motivation, communication through study groups, ethical learning, and tenacity to tackle difficult concepts. Our teachers not only challenge our students to think beyond assumptions, but they’re always accessible to explain complex concepts to students who need assistance.

Mentorship opportunities

Trinity offers seniors a unique opportunity to mentor incoming middle school students. This gives seniors the ability to reflect on their growth during their school career, and it gives middle schoolers a foundation of what to expect over the next few years.

International travel and global learning

Global learning is a pillar for our school. The world is wide, and we believe our students should understand that their small slice of Central Florida is rarely representative of the cultures beyond our area. Thanks to international trips, our students are no strangers to countries like Peru, Iceland, Spain, and Italy. Our foreign language offerings are constantly expanding to provide students the opportunity to learn languages of growing importance like Mandarin. Global learning facilitates an important exchange of ideas and ideas that help teach compassion, critical thinking, and empathy to our students.

Community service drive

Community service is a natural overflow of the compassion and character development built at Trinity Prep. Volunteer service provides the opportunity for students and our community to take what the development they’ve seen in the classroom and apply it to local, regional, and even global issues. Community service helps students see how their personalities and gifts can immediately impact the world around them, and it helps shape their character by teaching empathy, understanding, and compassion through service.

Trinity Prep offers your child the opportunity to thrive in an environment that encourages them to apply what they’re learning beyond the classroom. Want to see for yourself what sets Trinity Prep apart from other Orlando private schools? Schedule a tour or give our admissions team a call at 321-282-2515.