When some parents look at Trinity Prep, it can be hard to look past a price tag. However, that investment into a child’s education can repay in spades, especially at Trinity Prep. Our Saints have graduated and earned a collective $16 million in scholarships for higher education — last year alone. Here are a few reasons parents of students continue to tell us that investing in their child’s education was the right move for them.

Students thrived in competitive scholarship environments. 

Trinity Prep Saints are no strangers to competition. They’ve grown accustomed to seeking excellence and challenging their peers inside the classroom. Because of this environment, they’re able to successfully earn millions of dollars for a wide variety of post-secondary educations. Our 122 members of the Class of 2021 earned $16 million, numerous full rides, and competitive scholarships to Ivy League schools.

They’re challenged by skilled faculty.
Many private schools offer students an opportunity to be exposed to exceptional faculty. At Trinity Prep, 77% of our faculty have advanced degrees and are passionate about their fields. They’re able to inspire students to care about the curriculum while also giving them a real-world understanding of how the concepts apply outside of the classroom.

It connects them to a network of leaders. 
There are over 4,000 members of the Trinity Prep alumni network, many of whom are innovators across industries. Unlike other alumni associations, the Trinity Prep alumni group thrives thanks to regular events, galas, and active online presences. By investing in Trinity, parents invest in the opportunity for their children to learn the ropes from former Saints who understand what they’re going through and give advice on how their drive can lead to exceptional opportunities. 

It offers a great return on investment.
As previously mentioned, the average scholarship awards pool easily comes into tens of millions of dollars for graduating classes of 130 students. This allows students to thrive in post-secondary environments without the looming fear of student loans or debt. It also frees them up financially to take their studies abroad or dedicate time to Masters and/or doctoral programs. 

Trinity Prep offers your child the opportunity to thrive in a challenging environment. Many parents find that investing in private school for secondary education can make all the difference when it comes to setting their child up for success in college and beyond. Want to see for yourself what sets Trinity Prep apart from other Orlando private schools? Schedule a tour or give our admissions team a call at 321-282-2515.