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10-Year and 20-Year Milestone TPS Employees

Three of our employees have reached their 10-year milestones with Trinity Prep.

Mr. Burmeister brings a high level of expectations to everything he does. Whether it is teaching government, coaching basketball, working with the history bowl program. He displays excellence at every turn.

Mr. Mahler is talented, diligent in his efforts, and understands our campus from every angle. We are blessed to have his talents on display as he supports all school operations. 

Ms. Walker abundant in energy and enthusiasm, Ms. Walker encourages students to get involved with our theater dept. Many of our seniors have been able to check off their bucket list participation in a show because of her efforts to include them. We are grateful for her impact outside of the classroom as well. She is a true campus leader.


The next 2 employees have reached their 20-year milestone with Trinity Prep.

Mrs. Dowdy has served the science department and the greater Trinity Prep community with true dedication and commitment. Her clear and thoughtful approach to classroom instruction allows her students an authentic science experience. As a coach,  she has consistently shown an energy and drive that guides her athletes to develop into their best selves. We are lucky to have her.

Ms. Frederick has been a cornerstone to the computer department since joining Trinity. Her dedication helped launch the program and she continues to develop our robotics and coding programs. Along with all she does as a teacher,  she has proven to be a strong coach as well. coach.