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5 Essentials to Know Before Considering Trinity Prep

Since Trinity Prep was founded in 1966, it's garnered a reputation of being an elite Orlando private school. It's also managed to get a few misconceptions over the years, so we wanted to take a moment for you to get to know the real Trinity Prep. Here are some essentials for you to consider about Trinity Prep:

1)      We work hard...
It's no secret that Trinity Prep produces high-achieving students through a rigorous curriculum and competitive academic environment. Trinity Prep is for students who are goal oriented, big dreamers, and passionate about who they want to be in life. But we've heard some interesting assumptions about how our students' hard work manifests itself. "Do Trinity Prep kids ever actually get a day off?" Yes, of course! We want our teenage students to have time to be teenagers. "All they do is study 17 hours a day." We tried to work the math on what a 17-hour study session looks like, but we promise our students sleep, eat, and have fun! They also happen to be great at academics.

2)      ...but we play harder.
Trinity Prep is more than our academic curriculum. Our diverse athletics department offers 15 different sports with 54 teams spread across varsity, JV, and middle school opportunities. If you're passionate about a sport, you can find a place with us. The athletic department supports Trinity Prep's core values; family, educational excellence, and leadership drive our teams, and we win (or lose) with dignity at the helm.

Our arts programs give students the freedom to express themselves through fine and performing arts. Our Forensics team competes at the national level and boosts students' public speaking skills while making friends across the country. Students with a passion for the stage can join our world-renowned theater program. (We've even got a Tony nominee in our alumni!)

At Trinity Prep, we realize that while academic excellence is important for students' futures, their hearts need the opportunity to pursue passions outside of the classroom. We give them the freedom, resources, and tools to explore those passions and pursue being their best selves.

3)      We're about building lasting connections.
Our goal at Trinity Prep is to create a network of alumni who support the education of current and future students. We help our students feel supported; they always know they have people they can count on who's quite literally "been there, done that." We have a thriving alumni community at Trinity Prep who enjoy attending events like alumni tailgates, Giving Days, and other dinners where alumni connect.

4)      The application power is in your hands.
With our rolling admissions process, we put the power in our applicants' hands. Our amazing admissions team reviews the applications as they come in. This helps meet the needs of our prospective families, and it gives students the opportunity to seek out other options if they want. Submitting applications earlier also gives prospective students peace of mind about transferring, and they'll hear back from us sooner than they would with traditional application processes.

5)      We're not the perfect fit for everyone.
Determining which private school is the best fit for you means that some schools won't make the cut. Some students might not feel at ease with the fast-paced environment of our academics. Others prioritize time outside of school and don't want the educational commitment. That's fine, and we understand! At Trinity Prep, we want students who will invest in our school like we invest in our students. We want students who want a challenge, and we want parents who will be involved in their child's education. If you're someone willing to take up the challenge, give us a call at 321-282-2515 or inquire here.