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Sarah Munjed '24 and her volleyball team takes gold!

Sarah Munjed '24 has been playing for the Orlando Tampa Volleyball Academy for over three years. Two of those years she played as the starter Libero. This past May her team, named OT 12 North Pedro, earned a bid and was 1 of 48 top teams from all over the country to qualify to play in the 12 American Division at the USAV Girls Junior National Championship. At the end of June the team traveled to Detroit, Michigan to play a 4 day tournament where they finished 1st with a 10-1 record bringing home gold! Sarah said, "winning Gold in the USAV Championship was so amazing, and to come 1st in the most important tournament of the year made me feel that all of our hard work paid off!"

Her team was recently recognized by the Oviedo Mayor and the Oviedo City Council for their accomplishments. "Being recognized by the mayor and meeting him in person was very exciting and made me feel very proud of my team."