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Spanish Honor Society Awards

Adede Appah-Sampong '19 has won the Bertie Green Junior Travel Award from the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH), an honor society for high school students studying Spanish. It is valued at over $3,000, and is awarded to only 24 students in the nation. This July Adede will travel to Ecuador with the other 23 winners.

Samy Asfoor '18 won the 2016 Joseph Adams Senior Scholarship from the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica. The $1,000 scholarship is awarded to only 60 students in the nation. Students become eligible for the awards and scholarships by being inducted members of the SHH and submitting samples of their work in Spanish to a selection committee. Both students created a video presentation in Spanish as part of the submission materials.

Congratulations to Adede and Samy, and their teacher Senora Heard on their accomplishments!