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The Power of STEM Education

A STEM education goes beyond the fundamentals of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. These areas are foundational to a thriving part of the global economy; STEM jobs are projected to grow by 8.0% over the next year — higher than any other job type. For young women, STEM programs like Girls Who Code can help counteract centuries of gender disparities in the sciences. For students of color, STEM programs empower them to make up larger parts of the workforce.

At Trinity Prep, we believe in the power of STEM education to change the lives of students — and for those students to then impact the world. That’s why we’re ranked #1 in Central Florida for STEM courses. Here’s why STEM education is important for all well-rounded students:

STEM Educations are Rooted in Critical Thinking

A fundamental part of STEM education is critical thinking — asking “why doesn’t this work” and then digging for a solution. Students learn to break a problem down into smaller parts, analyzing how those parts are connected and testing new solutions. Developing a base of critical thinking serves students well after they leave school, and it can help them reason through a variety of issues in their lives.

Fosters Creativity and Innovation

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding STEM is the assumption that math and science people aren’t ‘creative.’ However, STEM often requires the same level of creativity as the arts. There’s constant innovation to overcome new problems that arise.

Teaches Collaboration and Teamwork

Success and failures affect an entire team on STEM projects. Our robotics club knows this firsthand. From coding to building, the collaboration of the entire club determines the success of the build. STEM also offers opportunities for cross-curricular teamwork. Skilled math students can also excel calculating stoichiometry in their chem labs.

Critical for Staying Relevant in a Digital Age

Our world constantly changes, with new software and technologies impacting our lives every single day. Exposing students to STEM gives them the upper hand when new technologies come about. STEM educations allow students to understand the digital world faster than those without that background.

Helps Students Develop Time and Project Management Skills

From timing a chemical reaction to distributing build assignments for robotics, STEM offers a variety of opportunities for students to hone their management skills. Time management often goes beyond the lab and into a student’s life. They’re able to better plan their days, such as time spent on assignments, and prioritize their work more efficiently.

What to Expect with a Trinity Prep STEM Education

  • Hands-on learning in fun, challenging environments: Trinity Prep has a rich lab curriculum for grades 6-12. We foster enhanced creativity in the lab, allowing students to generate their own labs and experiments.
  • Digital literacy and a deeper understanding of technology: We’re dedicated to preparing our students as best we can for the world they’ll encounter when they leave school. We also partner with local engineers for real-world coaching to help students compete around the country.
  • Growth in logic and logical thinking: Our STEM classes provide students with a foundational understanding of logic. Even if they pursue a career outside of STEM, they can still take on problems in the arts and humanities with the critical thinking skills they’ve acquired.