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TPS Students Walk Away With 23 Awards From Orange County Ying Expo Science Fair


On Feb 21st, 14 TPS middle and upper school students participated in the Orange County, Ying Expo Science Fair at the Central Florida Fairgrounds.  

On Feb 26th, the awards ceremony for the fair was held here at Trinity Prep. Our students were well represented among prize winners, walking away with more than $3000 in cash awards and numerous invitations to competitions around the nation.

The American Psychological Association offers a certificate and a $20.00 Mastercard gift card to a Senior student who best met their criteria in the area of Behavioral Science. - Arthi Jaishankar

The Association for Women Geoscientists awards a female student whose project exemplifies high standards of innovativeness and scientific excellence in the geosciences.  She receives a certificate and a $20.00 Mastercard gift card. - Saahi Nagulapalli

CDM Smith – Awards a $25 gift card and a CDM Smith Logo "Swing Bag" containing sports accessories to the student who displayed a creative application in Environmental Science - Saahi Nagulapalli

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA): award a certificate and a medallion to two students, and a congratulatory letter to the students' teachers.  The projects involved research that emphasizes climate, weather, oceans, coasts, and conservation of aquatic ecosystems - Saahi Nagulapalli

The Office of Naval Research also awards a certificate, medallion, and a gift card to a senior division student - Saahi Nagulapalli

Ricoh Americas Corporation awards a certificate and publicity on the RICOH website and a $20.00 Mastercard gift card to the project that displayed technological and scientific innovations that best reflect the principles of sustainability. -  Zijie Yang

The Stockholm Junior Water Prize competition awards a certificate, and a $20.00 Mastercard gift card to a senior division student who exhibited an outstanding water-related project - Saahi Nagulapalli

The Yale Science and Engineering Association awards a certificate and a pewter medallion to an outstanding Senior Division student in one of the following categories:  Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, or Chemistry - Levon Tabirian

Winner of a $500 cash prize and an all-expense paid trip to the GENIUS Olympiad (an international high school project competition about environmental issues. It is founded and organized by the Terra Science and Education and hosted by the State University of New York at Oswego, hosting projects in five general disciplines with an environmental focus) - Saahi Nagulapalli

4th place in Senior Engineering - Anusha Karandikar

3rd place in Junior Physics and Astronomy - Lene Mortimer

3rd place in Senior Behavioral and Social Science - Arthi Jaishankar

3rd place in Senior Chemistry - Aaron Rubinow

2nd place in Junior Chemistry - Cara Mortimer

2nd place in Senior Engineering - Robert Watts

2nd place in Senior Plant Sciences - Maddy Canal

1st place in Senior Biomedical & Health Sciences (receiving $100 and a personalized plaque) - Setareh Gooshvar

1st place in Senior Earth & Environmental Sciences (receiving $100 and a personalized plaque) - Saahi Nagulapalli

1st Place in Senior Engineering (receiving $100 and a personalized plaque) - Aidan McLaughlin

1st Place in Senior Environmental Engineering (receiving $100 and a personalized plaque) - Zijie Yang

1st Place in Senior Physics and Astronomy (receiving $100 and a personalized plaque) - Levon Tabirian

Senior Biological Sciences, Ying Scholar Grand Prize Award winner (Receiving a check for $1000 and a trip to this year's Intel ISEF in Phoenix, AZ) - "Effect of Conductive Inks in Silicone Based Wearable Technology on the Human Body"  Setareh Gooshvar

Senior Physical Sciences, Ying Scholar Grand Prize Award winners (Receiving a check for $1000 and a trip to this year's Intel ISEF in Phoenix, AZ) - "Non-Doppler Redshifts due to Light-Matter Interactions as a Solution for Redshift Controversies" Levon Tabirian