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Trinity Prep 2nd Place Overall School at Forensics Tournament

The Trinity Preparatory School forensics team had a fantastic weekend at Durham Academy in Durham, NC. Below are the results:

  • Oral Interp - 2nd Place Lilly Nguyen
  • Impromptu Speaking - Semifinals Shraddha Bhatia, 4th Place Bhrajit Thakur
  • Informative Speaking - Semifinals Ella Saffran
  • Dramatic Interp - Tournament Champion Lilly Nguyen, Semifinals Sam Nguyen
  • Program Oral Interp - 5th Place Lilly Nguyen, 4th Place Amy Qiao, Tournament Champion Sam Nguyen
  • Extemp - Semifinals Shraddha Bhatia, Quarterfinals Bhrajit Thakur
  • Original Oratory - Quarterfinals Isha Shukla, 4th Place Ella Saffran
  • Public Forum - Octofinals Katie Rohrbaugh & Alexis Huang
  • 7th Place Public Forum Debate Speaker - Alexis Huang
  • Cavalier Challenge Round Robin - 6th Place Katie Rohrbaugh and Alexis Huang

Out of over 80 schools from 19 states, Trinity Prep took only 10 students to the tournament and still earned a 2nd place overall school position.