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Strategic Plan 2017 - 2022

In the Spring of 2017, we began the Herculean task of listening to the members of the community interested in participating in the 2017 strategic planning process. Alumni, faculty, staff, students, and parents worked with a nationally recognized education consulting firm to ensure that our institutional priorities and our expectations for and of our students came to the fore.

After many meetings, conferences, surveys, crowdsourcing, and more surveys, as a community, we prioritized the focus of the school’s efforts and have arrived at a balanced outlook that will provide a meaningful learning experience, an emphasis on positive and caring relationships between every member of the community, and the pursuit of excellence. We are so grateful that you will help us shape the present and future of learning at Trinity Prep.

Below is the result of our strategic planning process. You gave us bold directives to move the school forward and place learning, teaching, and school culture at the center of everything we do. I hope you take the time to read the strategic imperatives that will shape the Trinity Experience for years to come.

Additionally, work on the campus Master Plan has begun. HuntonBrady Architects will help us shape the physical campus, our use of Lake Martha and Lake Burkett, and our green spaces to meet the needs of the student body for the future. To accomplish this, they will conduct a few more fact finding surveys to understand what interest you and how you think our physical plant will meet the requirements of a mid-21st century education.

It’s a great time to be a SAINT!


Byron M. Lawson Jr.
Head of School


Learning and Teaching

Create an adaptive learning and teaching environment that fosters the growth and development of students and professionals.

  • To prepare all students for college and beyond to meet the expectations of our mission statement as leaders in a changing society
  • To be a competitive, sustainable, and preeminent choice for students
  • To create a culture of growth and learning that challenges teachers, administrators, and students
  • To accommodate a growing range of learning styles, preferences, and differences

Student Life and Well-Being

Research and develop a comprehensive school plan and program that support the physical, social, emotional, and psychological well-being and growth of our students.

  • To educate, model, and inspire students to take good care of themselves and to maintain balance in their lives
  • To pay close attention to the developmental needs of our students’ physical, social, and emotional lives
  • To help give students the individual personal and academic attention they deserve

School Culture, Diversity and Spiritual Life

Create organizational and community structures and practices that build and increase inclusivity and trust. Be proactive in articulating what it means to be a “Trinity Prep Saint.” Articulate and celebrate our Episcopal identity and heritage and manifest them in part by embracing people of all faiths and no faith.

  • To become an environment that supports mastery, purpose, and creativity as cornerstones for students, faculty, and staff
  • To become increasingly attractive, inclusive, and welcoming to a diverse group of faculty and students while cultivating relationships throughout the community
  • To define and strengthen the content of our character, and inspire all students to respect and appreciate diversity of beliefs


Nurture and grow a robust culture of philanthropy.

  • To create life-long advocates for and supporters of the school
  • To increase parent, trustee, grandparent, community, and alumni engagement
  • To multiply current giving to the annual fund, capital projects, and the endowment

Facilities and Campus Master Plan

Undertake development of a facilities and campus master plan, including infrastructure, renovations, and capital improvements.

  • To address future school community needs by clearly articulating the campus vision
  • To inspire excellence and spur philanthropic investment
  • To glean from master-planning the best use of the current campus and current facilities

Financial Affordability and Sustainability

Create the financial road map that offers excellent education, a price commensurate with value, and a sustainable balanced budget.

  • To provide a transformational educational experience at a competitive price while at the same time securing the financial future of the school
  • To optimally utilize resources to effectuate our mission
  • To become less dependent upon tuition