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College Counseling

The College Counseling Office helps to ensure that 100 percent of Trinity Prep graduates continue their education at colleges around the world. Our primary criterion for guiding students through the maze of college choices is how well the school “fits” their unique goals. Trinity Prep employs three full-time college counselors to assist our students and their families.


Upper School Programming:

  • Financial Aid Night, What Really Matters in Your College Search Presentation, Visual & Performing Arts Night, Question and Answer with Admissions Deans Night, and NCAA Night.
  • Exposure to numerous college fairs and admission representatives from colleges and universities worldwide.

Grade Level Programming:

9th & 10th Grade

  • Workshops with the College Counseling team to explore our college counseling platform (SCOIR), start their resumes, begin to explore career options and college fit. The programming involves discussions of academics, extracurricular involvement, leadership, and how these components play into college admissions.  
  • In November of sophomore year, students are assigned a college counselor who will support their individual needs through graduation.
  • College Counseling in High School Presentation for parents.

11th & 12th Grade

  • In November of Junior year, students start bi-weekly college counseling classes designed to support the student through every aspect of the college selection and application process broken into manageable pieces. In-depth personality and aptitude testing are completed to guide students towards choosing a major. These classes continue until November of their Senior year.
  • In December of Junior year, individual and family meetings begin and continue through the completion of their applications in Senior year.


"The TPS college counselors have always had their doors wide open. While the college admissions process is stressful, competitive, and taxing, Trinity Prep's college counselors are interested in their students' success and are always willing to help using their expertise and myriad of resources. From researching colleges to submitting applications, my college counselor was always available and cheering me on. I ultimately got accepted to my dream school, and I could not be more thankful for the support that Trinity's CCO has given me."



"The college counseling program helped me with every step of the process. My counselor took the time to get to know me, and found schools that fit me both academically and athletically. Thanks to my counselor pushing me to leave no stone unturned, I found the perfect school that I may not have otherwise known about. I am excited to be attending a great college while also being able to be a member of their athletic program. I am so thankful for everything the counseling office has done for me."