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Our curriculum is defined, yet flexible. Students can choose a path that allows them to experience all aspects of a liberal arts education or focus in a certain area. With 35 Advanced Placement courses (AP), 44 Honors courses, and 29 Malone Schools Online Network (MSON) courses, the possibilities are endless. Students have opportunities to travel the world and participate in internships, introducing them to the outside world. But that world also comes to our students through visiting authors, musicians, and leadership speakers who are invited to campus. When a Trinity Prep student graduates, he or she is prepared for the challenges of college, with skills that are relevant and necessary in every field.

We provide unique experiences, including robotics classes, young adult literature courses and clubs, experiential education class field trips, and independent study projects. Our large campus borders a nature preserve that allows for hands-on environmental science, reaching beyond the traditional laboratory experience. We strive to provide a cross-curricular education whenever possible, allowing students to build bridges between subjects as diverse as science and English.

We have dedicated and talented faculty who are mission-focused, embrace a growth mindset, and are using 21st century approaches to teaching and learning that put students at the very center."
Tracy Bonday, Upper School Principal

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