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Meet our Faculty...

"In my crime scene investigation class, I love watching the kids faces light up when they learn about a new forensic technique or the amazement they show when they grasp all the details that skeletal remains can provide to investigators.”


Meet our Faculty...

"I see myself as an artist who also loves teaching what she knows. This means not only showing how to paint with oils or draw objects in perspective, but, more importantly, how to look at art, how to keep an open mind, how to treat failure as a learning experience, and how to generate ideas and to see them through to completion.”



The Trinity Prep difference is our faculty.

At Trinity Prep, 77 percent of our faculty have earned advanced degrees. Not only are our educators constantly learning by attending events such as the Kenyon Review Writer’s Workshop, visiting science classrooms and laboratories in Germany, and studying about teaching Shakespeare productions at the Globe Theatre in London, but they also train other educators. Teachers have presented at the Superior Tech for Teachers conference, the Florida Council for Independent Schools annual conference, and Miami Device, an education technology conference, among others.

Our faculty receive honors from national and state education organizations. Trinity Prep teachers are experts at teaching Advanced Placement (AP) courses, with some teachers involved in grading AP tests from students throughout the country and even writing questions included in the AP tests.

Trinity Prep’s commitment to the professional development of our faculty is evident through our seven endowed chairs, a special honor that is rare in secondary schools. After a rigorous selection process, these chairs provide funding to selected faculty members for a special project that creates learning opportunities for our students, such as creating public art projects with students, crafting programs to allow for independent student science research, and building healthy habits in students and faculty.

To learn more about our faculty, visit the faculty and staff directory.


Endowed Chairs

Carol Denicole Science Chair --Elmarie Mortimer

David Ballard Social Studies Chair --Isaiah Cabal

Diane and Michael Maher English Chair --Hannah Parker

EE Ford Mathematics Chair --Shannon Bergman

Troxell Simonton Fine Arts Chair --To be filled

Jaworski Physical Education Chair --Dee Starling

Chesley G. Magruder World Languages Chair --Rita Dougherty

We have had a great experience with Trinity Prep. The faculty are second to none, and they are equipping our students with the knowledge and preparation they need to succeed at their full potential. It is rewarding to see these students challenged, yet thriving."