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Technology at Trinity Prep seeks to inspire innovation and learning. Most importantly, it provides students access to a variety of educationally-relevant tools and services in preparation for college and beyond."

Trinity Prep is a technology-rich learning community, providing its students, faculty, and staff with the most innovative uses of educational technologies available today.

Overview of Our Technology Offerings

  • Two immersive technology centers (ITC)
  • Grades seven through 12 bring a laptop to school each day
  • All classrooms equipped with wireless and digital projection technology
  • Enterprise-class network, including campus wide high speed wireless
  • Three state-of-the-art instructional computer labs and dedicated robotics space
  • Sixth graders can use wireless laptops in the Rich Library during the school day. Mobile laptop and iPad carts for technology-rich lessons, online research, and collaboration
  • GoogleApps and Canvas provides a digital suite of services