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Upper School



$18+ million earned by class of 2023

in merit and athletic college scholarships

90% earn a 3 or better

on AP exams

31 AP courses

and 49 honors courses


One hundred percent of our graduating seniors have a variety of choices for college.

We achieve this through a dedicated faculty who are all teaching in their academic fields, by a comprehensive college counseling program that begins in ninth grade, and by stimulating academic courses, including honors, AP, and MSON offerings. Teachers encourage students to set high personal standards and achieve their greatest possible intellectual growth, and it is not unusual to see students studying on benches during their free time or enthusiastically engaging in discussion about issues addressed in class.

Leadership, character, and service to the community are at the forefront of our mission. Upper school students develop leadership skills and build character through long-lasting relationships cultivated with teachers, coaches, and other members of the Trinity family. While students have a great deal of freedom during the school day, the faculty is always available for help and advice. Half an hour after school is set aside for students to ask questions, reinforce the lessons of the day, prepare for upcoming tests and projects, or just do their homework in a supportive environment.


Trinity Prep provides an unparalleled academic foundation for college and beyond. However, what our family loves most about the school is that students are inspired to follow their curiosities and try new things. Over the years, with the support of both teachers and peers, our boys have been encouraged to get involved in numerous activities, from sports to forensics to writing for the school newspaper to various school clubs. There is a genuine sense of community at this school, where students motivate and support one another, and parents have countless opportunities to interact and get involved on campus if they wish to do so. There is a place for everyone at Trinity, and our experience there has been excellent."
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