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2019-20 Tuition | Grades 6-12



Tuition Assistance FAQs

Types of assistance

In addition to need-based tuition assistance, Trinity Prep offers the Malone Scholarship, the Alumni Giving Fund Grant, the Christine Brumback '91 Endowed Scholarship, and the Dr. Thomas C Dickinson Endowed Scholarship. Each of these requires a completed application for assistance to determine family qualifications. There is no other application for these scholarship and grant opportunities. The Tuition Assistance Committee will disburse funds to qualifying students.

Important deadlines

Applications for Tuition Assistance will be available October 21, 2019.

Tuition Assistance facts

Each year, Trinity Prep provides need-based Tuition Assistance to nearly 200 students in grades 6-12. Families must apply each year for assistance.

Additional fees

Additional fees may vary by grade and some are optional. Here are a few important ones:

Field trips in grades 6-10, 12: $200-$450
Books and e-books: $300-600
PE uniform in grades 6-9: $30
Trinity Parents Organization fee: $55
Pride pack fees for athletics: varies by sport
New student fee: $2,200

Additional questions?

for any additional questions regarding tuition assistance and admission.

Trinity Prep allocates approximately $2.1 million in need-based Tuition Assistance and Scholarships each year.

Trinity Prep does not accept scholarships or funding from outside sources.

Scholarship & Grants

Alumni Giving Fund

Established by the Trinity Prep alumni advisory board and supported by alumni, the Alumni Giving Fund provides grants to middle and upper school students, in addition to need-based tuition assistance.

Dr. Thomas C. Dickinson Endowed Scholarship

Established in memory of Dr. Thomas C. Dickinson, Sr. by his children Ansley Dickinson Smithwick ’72, Clay B. Dickinson ’75, Allison Brockman Dickinson ’77, and Graham Cheshire Dickinson ’86, this endowed partial scholarship will be awarded to a qualified freshman student with demonstrated need who is interested in life sciences and in service to others.

Malone Scholar Program

The Malone Scholar Program is open to students in grades 7 to 11 who are in the top five percent of their class. The Malone grant includes the cost of school-related expenses and the majority of a family's demonstrated need, based on the results of an [application for tuition assistance].

Christine Brumback '91 Endowed Scholarship

Established by Christine Brumback '91 in 2017, this endowed partial scholarship will be awarded to a qualified student with demonstrated need who is passionate about civics and/or community service.

Additional Scholarship & Grant Information

Each year, Trinity Prep allocates scholarships and grants to students whose financial circumstances and other criteria make them eligible recipients. There are no applications for these scholarships and grants, but an application for assistance must be submitted for the following academic year.