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Tuition Assistance FAQs

Types of assistance

Trinity Prep allocates need-based assistance to families with demonstrated need, only. Disbursement of funds is contingent upon the results of a completed TADS application, tax returns, and review by Trinity's Tuition Assistance Committee. Tuition assistance is not a loan and is therefore not paid back to the school.

Trinity does not offer academic, athletic, or artistic merit-based scholarships.

In addition to need-based tuition assistance, Trinity Prep is fortunate to offer additional scholarship and grant opportunities to our students due to the generosity of alumni and friends of the school. These opportunities are awarded by the Tuition Assistance committee to students who meet the stipulated criteria, in addition to qualifying for need-based assistance. There is not an application process for these additional opportunities.

Important deadlines

Applications for Tuition Assistance will be available October 21, 2019. While an application for assistance is optional, a family wishing to receive assistance must have begun their TADS application prior to completing their Admission application file.

For example:

Families meeting the Early Admission application deadline of December 13 must also have begun their application for assistance; families meeting the General Admission application deadline of February 22 must also have begun their application for assistance.

Trinity Prep may not be able to accommodate all tuition assistance applicants in a given year. Complete applications and required documents received in the Admissions Office by February 24, 2020 will receive first priority relative to assistance dollars available. 

Tuition Assistance facts

Each year, Trinity Prep provides need-based Tuition Assistance to returning and new students in grades 6-12. Families must apply each year for assistance.

Additional fees

Additional fees may vary by grade and some are optional. Here are a few important ones:

Field trips in grades 6-10, 12: $200-$450
Books and e-books: $300-600
PE uniform in grades 6-9: $30
Trinity Parents Organization fee: $55
Pride pack fees for athletics: varies by sport
New student fee: $2,200

International fees may vary

Additional questions?

Does Trinity Prep accept state or federal scholarships, such as the AAA, Step-Up, or McKay scholarships?
- No, Trinity Prep does not accept state or federal scholarships.

Will my child's tuition assistance be the same every year?
- Families must apply for tuition assistance every year through Annual allocations are contingent upon review of a current application, available funds, and consideration of total requests for assistance. 

How should I apply as a single parent?
- Trinity believes that each custodial parent is responsible for financing their student’s education. As a result, financial information from all custodial parents is required. Custodial parents (regardless of legal settlements, who are divorced, separated, or never married) must submit their own Tuition Assistance application.

for any additional questions regarding tuition assistance and admission.

Trinity Prep allocates approximately $2.1 million in need-based Tuition Assistance and Scholarships each year.

Trinity Prep does not accept scholarships or funding from outside sources.