Tuition & Assistance


2020-21 Tuition | Grades 6-12

$23,910 + New Student Fee

How to Apply

  • It is best to apply within 10 days of your student's Admission application.
  • If you are eligible for Tuition Assistance and your student is accepted, you will be able to view their Tuition Assistance award in their admission contract.
  • Trinity prep uses a third party provider to complete our Tuition Assistance Application Evaluations referred to as TADS. In order to begin an application, click "login" in the top right corner of their website. 
  • Create a new application for financial aid (a purple bar) and the requested information related to your prior year tax information. Contact the Office of Admission when you believe your application is complete.
Tuition Assistance FAQs

Trinity Prep allocates approximately $2.1 million in need-based Tuition Assistance and Scholarships each year.

Trinity Prep does not accept scholarships or funding from outside sources.