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Sarah Ali '91

Sarah Ali's discovery of the world of art was one which actually discovered her and almost saved her. As she was born into a very well-respected family, the product of two physicians, education was not only encouraged but expected. However, when Sarah was diagnosed with lupus, she fell into a severe depression.

Jamali, her uncle and a most respected contemporary artist, encouraged her to pick up a brush and paint so she could meditate and evoke the euphoric feelings that she couldn’t experience otherwise. She fell in love with and began her career in the fine arts. Sarah’s work is shown in various galleries across the country, including the Art in Chambers exhibit here in Winter Park. In her paintings, one can see and feel what she feels, whether pain due to her disease or bright beautiful colors on a good day. A tranquil, soothing feeling is what she aims to evoke, and she has been creating beautiful art ever since. Whatever the day brings, now she can deal with it in a whole new light.


  • 2012 Named as a top emerging artist by “Art Business News”
  • 2012 Recognized by Baterbys Art Gallery as a Best Florida Artist