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Visual Arts

The arts program at Trinity Prep is a place of unity and family, a place where we can create beautiful and meaningful art together!"
Dalton Joseph '22

Our 2-D, 3-D, photography, and AP art courses foster imagination and experimentation while also developing technique.

Art at Trinity Prep is connected to the world around us. More than 100 students exhibited their work at local and national art exhibits last year, such as the Winter Park Art Festival, Maitland Rotary Art Festival, the Salvador Dali Museum’s summer student art show, and the Casselberry Recycled Art Show.

Numerous visiting artists each year bring their own vision and inspiration to our programs, at times working with students on campus public art projects. Students have the opportunity to join the National Art Honor Society and the Art Club, where they work on projects that benefit local and global communities.


Student Visual Art