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MyTPS Portal

Welcome to the new MyTPS Portal!

MyTPS will be the hub for ALL Trinity Prep Students, Faculty and Parents for managing all information with the school.

The MyTPS Portal is powered by Veracross, a comprehensive school information system that allows students to access their schedules, parents to monitor their student's activities, and so much more! 


I can't log in!

If you click on the setup link in your welcome email and are taken to a page that assumes you already have a password, but you have not set one, the Reset Password screen will send you an email with a link to setup your account.

If you should have any issues, just Email the TPS Helpdesk - and we will assist you as soon as possible.

Why can't I see certain links?

Veracross uses role-based permissions to determine access to various parts of the website. Re-enrollment can only be performed with a parent account. Course requests can only be entered through a student account.

Other links are based on membership in certain groups. The MyTPS Portal allows TPS to show links just to the parents of middle - schoolers, or just to the parents with students on the volleyball team.

If you feel that you're not getting a message that you should, reach out to the MS or US offices.

How do I update my family's information?

Please attempt to use Veracross before contacting the school. This ensures both accuracy and efficiency. After logging in to the MyTPS portal, click the "Household Profile Update" link. Some fields are set to read-only and you will need to contact the main office to update those. In the event the school has questions regarding a change request, you will be contacted via phone or email.

What's in my portal?

Logging in to MyTPS will provide one - stop access to dynamic personalized access to the following resources based on your role at Trinity Prep:

  • Canvas
  • Billing Links
  • Class and Exam Schedules
  • College Counseling Links
  • Field Trip Forms
  • Community Service
  • Dining
  • Student Handbook
  • Directories
  • Medical Authorizations
  • Summer Reading and School Supplies