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Patrons Members

Thank you to all of the Patrons of the Arts members for all they do for the school.

Rick and Wendy Ahl

Rafael and Lynel Allende

John Altomare

Renata Andrade

Kenneth and Thelma Appah-Sampong

Joe and Jill Avallone

Dan Bachrach '89 and Lynne Bachrach

Jim and Debbie Balaschak

John and Darlene Beneke

Jason and Helen Birkett

Tom and Nancy Bland

Rebecca Myers and Joy Bochner

Robbie Boerth and Stephanie Dryden

Sean and Lauren Bogle

Susan and Clancey Bounds

Stephanie Boyd

Mike and Lisa Brodsky

JJ and Erin Buettgen

Carla Caguin

Paulo Camasmie and Rafaela Grabert

Brian and Doris Cameron

Jeffrey and Dianna Campbell

Al and Leslie Canal

Scott and Denise Carlson

Danny and Kim Carr

Raul and Susy Castillo

Donald and Shirin Centner

Kahang and Lisa Chan

Sumeet and Ashita Chandra

James and Martha Christopher

Rick and Laura Cohn

Preston and Sally Copenhaver

Mike Corddry

Jeff and Phyllis Corkum

Robin and Sarah Cowie

Tyrone and Rachael Crag-Chaderton

Peter Crawford and Jane Chen

Pete and Corinna Cruz

Algene Cunanan and Maria Acosta-Cunanan

Bob and Trish DeBell

Todd and Stacey Demetriades

Bruce and Debra DiMaio

Rob and Sharon Donoghue

Frank and Sandy Dorrien

Mike Driscoll and Michele Casey-Driscoll

Greg and Ginger Duggan

Pete and Eileen Eberley

Tamara Enders

Montgomery and Cheryl Escue

Bryce and Anna Fetter

Melvin and Aileen Field

Greg and Cheryl Finkelstein

Dan and Kim Garcia

Anthony Garganese and Erin O'Leary

Steven Garnett and Kym Moreland-Garnett

Brian and Sharon Garvey

Kurt and Marlene Gasner

Mark Gerstein and Lori Ingle

Mark and Kathy Gibbons

Bill and Amy Gifford

Gerry Glynn and Angela Halladay

Ken Goldberg and Sarah Wood

Paul and Abby Goldsmith

Bela and Joy Gombos

Carson and Erin Good

Jack and Kendra Graham

Tom and Liz Green

Tom and Tania Greenwood

Gary and Karin Grossman

Filippo and Santina Guani

Peter and Susan Guile

Frank and Lauren Hamner

Mark and Ellen Hardgrove

Wayne and Melinda Harris

James and Bridget Hawley

Bill and Aimee Hefley

Mark and Kim Heinrich

Susan Hietpas

Roger Holler '83 and Sallye Holler

Pete and Allison Hosbein

Jim and Cayce Hurley

Tim and Lisa Huschke

Mohamad and Souzanne Hussein

Marlon and Patricia Ilagan

Tony and Mary Isaacs

Sean and Rita Isaak

Mark and Caryn Israel

Jim and Merry Jochum

Ralph and Anne Jones

Paul and Anne Jueng

Brad and Amy Kaemmer

Harsh and Rupa Karandikar

Mitchell and Helen Katz

John and Jennifer Keefe

Brian Sephton and Nita Klingenberg

Scott and Jennifer Kobrin

Alex and Julia Kogan

Richard Kohn and Angie Ritti

Eric and Kelly Kortman

Kathryn Kramer

Tom and Julie Lamar

John and Katie Lehr

Kevin and Debbie Leider

Brian and Brenda Lewis

Alton and Kathleen Lightsey

Paul and Paula Loftus

John and Julie Lowndes

Steve Maher '79 and Wendy Maher

Robert and Kathy Maiocco

J Miguel and Eunice Malabuyo

Kelvin Manning and Judith Burnett Manning

Marcelo and Juliana Marques

Chris Martin and Rosa Boza

Barry and Claire Mauer

Todd and Karen Maugans

Leslie and Andy McClelland

Pat and Kelly McCracken

Edmund and Donna McGarey

Jason and Meredith McIntyre

Daniel and Sheryl McLinden

Scott and Christine Miller

Keith and Beth Moore

Tony and Karen Moreno

Mary Beth Morgan

Doug and Tricia Mosher

Greg and Denise Musselwhite

Sean and Nancy Myers

Santosh and Dhanya Nair

Doug and Shelly Nash

Fred and Ana Neris

Toan and Theresa Nguyen

Emily Nguyen-Uchio

Mick and Vickie Night

Gerald and Lourdes O'Connor

Steve and Tawny Olore

Jeff and Robyn Painting

Dimitry and Katherine Palceski

John and Erin Pallard

Chris and Deb Parent

Tae-Soo and Yun Park

Eric Parkerson and Nicole Williams

Vipul Patel and Sejal Dharia Patel

Rocco and Vanessa Peluso

Steven and Renee Perelmuter

Paul Perkins '84 and Andrea Perkins

Chris and Kim Pisarski

Tom and Judy Pisello

James and Linda Pope

Arif and Gulzar Rajan

Paul and Mary Rang

Mark and Mimi Reggentin

Natt and Susan Reifler

Jim and Tracy Rick

Tom and Cathy Riley

Jeff and Lorraine Robinson

Al and Barbara Rodriguez

Pablo and Tammy Salas

Stephen and Doris Schenck

Jerry and Rebekah Sharp

Marc and Sue Silberbusch

Rick and Wendy Spence

Jordan Steinberg and Nathalie Toledano

Russ and Julie Suddeth

Alex Suero and Maria Espinosa Suero

Selby and Cathy Sullivan

Steve and Meg Thomas

Page and Heather Thompson

Sebastian and Eileen Tongson

Andy and Cindy Toshie

David and Suzanne Turbyfill

Mike and Cindy Turner

David Ugan and Miriam Smith

Craig Uttley and Monty Gettys

Keith and Donna Van Allen

Egerton and Anne van den Berg

Andrew and Merrie Vandendriessche

Cecil Walker

Donna Walker

Adam and Lisa Warwick

Whit Watson '89 and Tracey Watson

Lisa Wharton

Mike and Zhuli White

George and Cynthia White

Dwain and Lisa Wilcox

Carl and Beverly Wilhelm

Sean Williams and Charlotte Warren Williams

Chuck and Barbara Witten

Sumner and Peggy Woolworth

Charlie and Jackie Zhang