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Patrons Members

Thank you to all of the Patrons of the Arts members for all they do for the school.

Wendy and Rick Ahl

Rita Acosta

Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Amador

The Amsler Family

Erekpeyi Arugu

The Avallone Family

Jeanette & David Bigney, Justin & Jaiden

Robert J. Boerth and Stephanie Dryden

Susan and Clancey Bounds

Mike & Lisa Brodsky

Traci Brown

James J. and Erin Buettgen

Jeff and Andrea Burke

Tracey DeSilva and Sinan Buyukaksakal

Alfred & Leslie Canal

Carlson Family

Kim & Danny Carr

The Carruth Family

Dr. and Mrs. Raul Castillo

Drs. Ashita and Sumeet Chandra

Dr. Vanessa Nieves-Chico & Dr. Geo Chico

Robert and Emma Chong

Karen and Steve Cochran

Carey and David Cogdill

Mike Corddry

Tyrone & Rachael Crag-Chaderton

Michael & Janice Costa

Andrew & Vicky Craghill

Drs. Antonio Algene R. Cunanan and Maria Acosta-Cunanan

Scott and Catherine Davey

Todd & Stacey Demetriades

Steven and Amy DiClemente

Rob and Sharon Donoghue

Cassandra and Frank Dorrien

Mike Driscoll and Michele Casey-Driscoll

The Duggan Family

Pete & Eileen Eberley

Robyn Eichenholz

The Eliscu Family

Bora & Vildan Erbilen

George & Marlene Evans

Sam and Ann Fairchild

Bennett Feld Carla Caguin

Michel and Gianett Fernandez

The Fetter Family

Aileen and Mel Field

Heather Childers

Sharon and Moisés Fraifeld

The Freedman Family

Jason and Melissa Frye

Esteban & Itzel Garcia

Dan and Kim Garcia

Dr. H. Stephen Garner and Stacey Garner

Dr and Mrs Kurt Gasner

Alice Gawronski

Mark Gerstein and Lori Ingle

Mark and Kathy Gibbons

The Gifford Family

Derek and Haley Gregg

Gerry Glynn & Angela Halladay

Stumpy & Ruthie Harris

Hawley Family

Nathan and Kerry Headrick

The Henderson Family

Sallye and Roger Holler,III

The Hopkins Family

Dr Jeffrey Huang & Frances Wu

Quratulann Iftikhar

Doug & Linda Jobman

The Joseph Boys Family

Dr. Harshavardhan & Rupa Karandikar

The Katz Family

Kienle Family

Kyle and Tami Kilger

Soyun Park

The Kleiman Family

Jill & Dean Bosco

Julia Listengarten and Alex Kogan

The Kohm family

Kohn Family

The Kortman Family

The Kuritzky Family

Laassel Family

The Lamar Family

Bill & Karen Lang

Brett & Laura Lawton

Katie and John Lehr

Kathleen and Alton Lightsey

Jing Zhou and Frank Liu

Paula and Paul Loftus

Julie and John Lowndes

Ty and Wendi Lowrey

Parimal & Gigi Maniar

Kelvin and Judy Manning

Gabe, Gilian, & Olivia Mantecon

Mark, Kelli and Tori Martin

David and Lisa Martyny

Catherine and John Musone

Barry and Claire Mauer

The McIver Family

Sean and Jill McLaughlin

Dan and Sheryl McLinden

Michael & Cheryl Meads

Jaime Membreno and Carolina Corchuelo

Stan and Joanna Merrell

Marissa Merriam's Family

Scott and Christine Miller

Bennett Family

Kristin and Scott Millson

Rob and Christina Miner

Keith and Beth Moore

The Musselwhite Family

Nancy & Sean Myers

Phil & Shannon Nanus

Neris Family

Emily Nguyen-Uchio and Dr Steve Nguyen

Mick and Vickie NIght

Lisa & Todd Norman

Obinna and Ify Nwobi

Lourdes & Gerald O'Connor

Tawny and Steve Olore

Pedro and Jodi Ortega

Dr. & Mrs. Dimitry Palceski

Chris and Deb Parent

Yun Park

Ketan D. Patel and Sonal H. Gaudani

James H. and Linda Pope

Chryste and Russell Psik

Ranson Family

Robert and Nicki Rhee

The Rick Family

Claudia and Brian Rinaldi

Olivia Robertson, Colette Robertson & Robert Sorrentino

Jeff and Lorraine Robinson

David & Leslie Russell

Saeed Family

Dr. and Mrs. Ruben Santiago

The Schenck Family

The Seybold family

The Shenbaga Family

Robert and Karla Shultz

Kevin and Carla Smith

Latha Ganti & Matt Stead

Steinberg Family

John and Lisa Steinbrun

Beverly Strickland

The Swain Family

Dr. and Mrs. Sebastian Tongson Jr.

Andy & Cindy Toshie

Dr. and Mrs. David T Turbyfill

The Ugan Family

The Van Voorhis Family

The Vandendriessche Family

Jeff & Kirsty Walker

Jun Wang

The Warwick Family

Alan and Linda Watts

The Wilcox Family

Charlotte & Sean Williams

Kerri, Chris & Emily Williamson

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Witten

Sumner & Peggy Woolworth

Stacey and Frank Wright

Xiaojiang Yang

Xiaoyan Shao

Leigh and Tom Zehnder

Yu Ren

Roger & Lucy Zhuang