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Best Theater and Performing Arts Programs for High Schoolers in Orlando

The lights of a performing arts stage can be the perfect arena for high school dreamers. Theatre and performing arts programs help to prepare students for success well beyond schooling. At Trinity Prep, we believe that offering students an incredible performing arts experience can give them the tools they need to excel. 

Empowering Young People from School to Stage

Trinity Prep alum have gone from our stage to Tony-nominated performances and from arts classes to industry-respected galleries. You might find our jazz musicians serenading students on the lawn or hear our theater students practicing for an audition. We keep our performance calendar stacked, not only for our Saints community but for the entire Central Florida area. 

Tap into your curiosity with Trinity Prep. 

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An Arts Education — Creativity Made to Last a Lifetime

By providing students with a comprehensive education that is supported by the arts, schools like Trinity Prep equip young adults with the tools they need to dream, create, learn, and thrive. These are some of the myriad benefits our students gain from a performing arts education: 

Theater develops courage and confidence 

The fear of public speaking affects roughly 75% of adults. However, the arts combat that common fear by pushing students out of their comfort zones. Theater students face that fear every time they step onto a stage. Trinity Saints learn to handle themselves in front of people — from boardrooms to Broadway. 

Gain a community

Performing arts education gives students a space where they can freely express themselves around others who just “get it.” That sense of community doesn’t stop once a student graduates; they’ll likely find more communities and troupes that support their artistic endeavors for the rest of their careers. 

Relieves stress and boosts brain health from creativity

Performing arts students often think of new ways to express their thoughts off the stage and in the classroom, making them more effective communicators. When students are encouraged to think creatively, they reap psychological and physiological benefits. Studies show that doing something creative for as little as 10 minutes a day can reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and even help students process trauma. Creativity also releases dopamine into the system — meaning that students can be happier even in stressful situations. 

Strengthen and broaden communication

Some of the most influential pieces of communication over the last century have been music, TV shows, movies, and musicals that have sparked public discourse and changed the tides of society. Performing arts education broadens the toolsets students use to express themselves and communicate with the world. 

Lights, Camera, Education! 

At Trinity Prep, we recognize that both STEM and the arts provide students with critical soft skills as well as technical skills that will serve them no matter what path they choose for a career. From painting to movies to music, the arts entertain and educate us each day. We give all students the opportunity to grow and learn from an arts education.

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