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You’re part of the family here.

As a family, we are committed to the success of each of our members: students, parents, alumni, faculty, and staff. This means that we look out for one another and support each other.

Our advisory program gives me the opportunity to connect with a small group of students in a non-academic way and get to know them better than I could in the classroom. I love helping them grow and mature as responsible young adults, and I feel a special bond with my advisees that continues until they graduate."
Lynn Wilbur, math teacher

Advisory Program

Our unique advisory program serves as a channel of communication between school and home. A small group of students meets with an adviser each morning for announcements and activities. In the middle school and 9th grade, advisory groups are single-sex. In the upper school, one adviser will follow his or her advisees from 10th grade through graduation. There is a long advisory meeting each Thursday, oriented towards character development but also for breakfast and socializing. Our advisers strive to monitor students’ progress regularly through individual meetings to discuss academic and personal goals, and to address social issues and college planning. They support their students, help them interact with their peers, and build their confidence.


Our counseling services are handled by our two guidance counselors. They provide confidential assistance to students in need of emotional or academic support on campus. If a parent wishes, students can be referred to outside therapists if they require in-depth counseling or testing for learning disabilities, extended time, or other accommodations.

Academic Support

Support in their coursework is offered to all students by their teachers. A study period is part of every school day, Monday through Friday, allowing students to ask questions, seek clarification, or have a quiet place to do their homework. The low teacher-to-student ratio allows for a more personal approach to education, emphasizing study skills and organization.

In addition, two learning specialists provide academic support during regular school hours for students who qualify. When a student is scheduled for academic support, a specialist helps with study skills, supervises homework, and provides a connection to the home if necessary. All new students in the upper school are assigned to academic support for at least a quarter.