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Each year Trinity Prep students have the chance to travel the world on one of many exciting trips led by our teachers. From photo documentary workshops in Southeast Asia to the tropical beaches of Fiji, there is no horizon we won’t chase.

Trinity Prep Travel | Upcoming Trips


France |  March 2024

Foster global awareness and life-long friendships and embark on Madame Spallone’s French Exchange program with Notre Dame Les Oiseaux High School located in Verneuil-sur-Seine, west of Paris, France.

Your students will build lifelong connections with their French exchange partners as they immerse themselves in the daily lives of their host families and school. Prepare to become a host family too! On excursion days, students will explore Paris and visit its most historic monuments such as the Louvre Museum, Musée d’Orsay, the Catacombs, the Eiffel Tower, Château de Versailles and a bicycle tour of the gardens, Montmartre, and the Sacré Coeur, etc.

This exchange is an immersive linguistic and cultural experience, and it is reserved for Upper School students learning French.

Please use this link to enroll. 

Please contact Vanessa Spallone for more information.



Spain  |  June 2024

Get inspired, develop your intercultural skills and global awareness, as you create lifelong memories on a 9-day exploratory tour of Spain with Sra. Omawale and Sra. Weaver. 

We invite you to experience Spain by traveling to historical and modern sites in Barcelona, Madrid, Cordoba, Sevilla, and Granada. Each city offers wondrous educational and fun-filled activities. We will experience many facets of Spanish life as we explore architectural wonders including the world-famous Alhambra, Real Madrid soccer stadium, the Royal Palace, a traditional tea house, a local olive farm, and much more! Each moment of the trip uncovers a new layer of Spain’s diverse traditions and rich heritage. Join us as we discover firsthand the many religious and cultural influences that have made Spain the eclectic country it is today. This is a great way to show colleges you are a true 21st-century learner and an amazing start to the summer of 2024!

Here’s a video for more information. 
Please use this link to enroll. 

**The Spain trip is now at capacity. If you are interested in having your student traveler added to the waitlist, please reach out to Mrs. Omawale or Mrs. Weaver.**

Contact and for more information.



England & Scotland  |  Summer 2024

This 12-day exploratory tour of England & Scotland with Mrs. Hannah Schuttler is going to be an action-packed adventure where students will be swept into the world of British Literature, Theater, and Great Britain’s history.

Historically, students will have the opportunity to dive deep into the history of the British monarchy.

We invite you to experience England and Scotland by traveling to sites in London, Birmingham, York, Edinburgh, Inverness, and Glasgow. Each city offers wondrous educational and fun-filled activities. We will experience the London Eye, an excursion to Windsor Castle, take in a theatre performance on West End, take a guided tour of Oxford, Visit Shakespeare's birthplace, travel by train to Edinburgh, visit the National Museum of Scotland, and much more!

Contact for more information.

The Ellis Award, sponsored by the Trinity Parents Organization and funded by the Trinity Auction, can help fund your travel dreams.

The Ellis Award is applied to any international, faculty-sponsored trip in the 2022-23 school year. All upper school students are invited to apply. Funds are raised by the biennial Trinity Auction. There is no foreign language requirement, and seniors may apply for this award to be used for spring break trips only.

Applications will be available beginning on or around Wednesday, August 23. Applications will then be due by September 29 to Ms. Rizzo in the Upper School office, located in Stuart Hall. More information can be found by viewing the Ellis Award Procedures

"My favourite thing about the Ellis Award is that it is intentionally given to people who, for whatever their personal reasons are, don’t have the opportunity to travel very much or at all. I personally chose to go to Iceland after receiving this award, and this is something that I simply would not be able to do in the foreseeable future without receiving the award. The trips that Trinity does are first and foremost great because students get to see parts of the world that they otherwise would never get to visit. Nevertheless, the more exciting part about Trinity’s trips for me was having the opportunity to be far away from my family and get some independence, while not having to worry about any responsibilities (besides keeping track of my passport). The Ellis award’s role in all of this was giving me such an experience which I couldn’t have had otherwise, and I can’t say how grateful I am about it."   ~ Seth Brunner, Spring 2022 Ellis Award Recipient

Past Trips



In March of 2018, Mr. Milsten, Mrs. Walker, and Mr. McGimsey led 28 students on a historical and cultural tour of Japan. Beginning in the very modern and busy Tokyo, where they spent an afternoon with a Sumo wrestler, they filled their afternoons with exploration, and their evenings with delicious Japanese fare. The students traveled by speed train to Kyoto, finding it filled with Shinto shrines, Buddhist temples, imperial palaces, and mystic gardens.

Paris & Loire Valley

In June of 2017, Mrs. Spallone led students on a historical and cultural tour of Paris, France.

Southeast Asia

Students captured the sights of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam on this traveling photo workshop. In Cambodia, they shot bustling Phnom Penh, experienced the intricate temples of Angkor Wat, and stayed in a floating village homestay. In Vietnam, they toured the city of Hanoi and its surrounding villages. In Laos they explored the beautiful town of Luang Prabang, gave alms to monks, and rode elephants — all while practicing their skills with professional photographers.


The beauty of the Trinity Prep Istanbul trips lies in complete immersion. The students jump outside of tourist areas to eat with the Turks. Eating Iskender Kebob while sipping tea and listening to the call to prayer booming from hundreds of minarets surely reminds you that you aren't home. Turkish baths and eating baklava with every meal, all while enjoying the architecture of Byzantium and the Ottomans, are experiences that arrive once in a lifetime.