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Help To Change the Future of STEM.

At Trinity Preparatory School of Florida, we look at education differently. Shaping our students to become leaders is our responsibility, and we take that commitment seriously. This is a trust we have with our children and community. Our pedagogy is crafted for our students to introduce experiences that will sharpen their minds, build a foundation to discern right from wrong, ignite a flame for curiosity, and widening their lenses to think bigger.

Currently, Trinity Prep has 6,815 square feet dedicated to science and math classes. The new Nochur Sankar Science Center will have approximately 35,000 square feet for science, mathematics, and engineering, all in a centralized space. 

Every surface and square inch will have multiple purposes. The laboratories and classrooms will be equipped for math, biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, computer sciences, robotics, and cross-curricular courses. 75% of labs will be state-of-the-art, and 25% will be next-level. STEM faculty will be in one central location to create integrated programming that they currently cannot execute due to space constraints.

Trinity Prep is one of the top independent schools in Florida and is ranked #123 by Newsweek as one of the top STEM schools in the nation.

If this is the bar we have set now, imagine the possibilities for our students once the Nochur Sankar Science Center is complete.

This is bigger than a building. This is our future.



A hands-on experience makes all the difference. That's how people learn, especially kids. I want an astronaut who is on a deep-space expedition to know how to problem solve and fix things. Kids need to learn this skill and understand how things work.kelvin manning
Deputy Director, NASA Kennedy Space center Trinity Prep Alumni Parent (David, '20 and Rachel, '23)


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Our goal is to provide experiences that will sharpen our student's minds, build a foundation to discern right from wrong, ignite a flame of curiosity, and widen their lenses to think bigger and do better.

More STEM space will:

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In 2025, Trinity Preparatory School of Florida will open the doors to the Nochur Sankar Science Center.

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Trinity Prep's campus has been built by generations of families who have invested in the future of our school. Capital campaigns benefit Trinity Prep students by providing new facilities, large campus improvements, and endowment support.



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For additional information about supporting Building for Tomorrow: The Nochur Sankar Science Center, please contact:

Todd Hartung, Assistant Head of School for External Affairs, 321.282.2517

Elizabeth McIntosh, Director of Leadership Giving and Donor Relations, 321.282.2556

Kristy Nave, Development Associate, 321.282.2577

As a nonprofit school, donations to Trinity Prep are tax deductible as allowed by law. Trinity Prep is a 501(c)3 organization and our certificate number is 85-8012556962C-5.

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