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Chi Rho Society Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Chi Rho Society Endowed Scholarship Fund is a wonderful opportunity to join one of your classmates, Winston Dubose ‘73, in supporting a scholarship fund initiated by the Class of 1973. The scholarship will be awarded to a ninth grade student in need of tuition assistance and will be available to that student throughout his or her high school career. The scholarship is in honor of Canon Hay’s commitment to offering education to all students regardless of race or religion.

The Chi Rho is one of the most iconic of Trinity Prep symbols. The school's first Headmaster, Canon Hay, wrote about this Trinity Prep tradition as he described designing a large mosaic in the form of a great Chi Rho, the Greek letters which, when put together, form a cross–one of the most ancient of all Christian symbols and the monogram for Christ. The Chi Rho always hung on the wall behind the altar until the Chapel was moved to the Dickinson Activity Center. Then it was placed in the sacristy. Today it resides in the small chapel in the Maughan Academic Center. This symbol became the logo for the school: the yearbook is named “Chi Rho”; it is the center design on the school ring; and Canon Hay had a processional cross designed using the Chi Rho which is used for Chapel, Baccalaureate, and Commencement.

We are excited to announce that our 50th society will be named the Chi Rho Society, in honor of this important symbol of the school.







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