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Donor Recognition

Trinity Prep’s continued success is made possible each year by the philanthropic support of trustees, alumni, parents, grandparents, parents of alumni, faculty, staff, foundations, businesses, and friends.

Donations as of June 23, 2022

Trinity Prep Fund

Diana and John Holloway

The Warren & Augusta Hume Foundation
Medical Disposables Corp
Susan and Stephen Roberts '73

Melissa and Al Farrell
Sally Flynn
Lizzie Stanton

Kim and Steve Alch
Laila and Ariff Alidina '92 
Lynne and Dan Bachrach '89
Rachel and Joseph Cloyd '98
Barbara and James Grant
Blair and William Hull
Linda Benner-Jobman and Doug Jobman
Lindsey Von Weller Kovaleski '99 and Mike Kovaleski '99
Min Lin and Qun Gu
Kelli and Mark Martin
Liz Lowndes McIntosh '78 and Daniel McIntosh
Amy and Ken Ritterbusch
Patricia Sherman
Nicole and Jonathan Taylor
Eileen and Sebastian Tongson
Meina and Limin Wang
White Family Foundation
Leigh Sigman Zehnder '88  and Thomas Zehnder

Brenda and Donald Berube
Tracy Bonday
Lucy & Michael Carney
Susan and Clancey Bounds
Chinese School of Tomorrow
James and Beth DeSimone
Nell '02 and Javier Gonzalez
Erin and Carson Good
Dennis Herron
Kristen and Davis Hostetter '04
Ora-Monet Hughes '04
Lyn and Andy Kleiman
Karen Kogon and Brian Kogon
Courtney Haught and Byron Lawson Jr.
Judy Burnett Manning and Kelvin Manning
Valerie and Michael McFalls

Ghada Sallit and Firas Munjed
Andrea and Paul Perkins '84
Nicki and Robert Rhee
Ravi Sankar '08
Scholarship America
Anagha Vaidya and Mangesh Shukla
Virginia and Garry Sines
Kelly Smith
Dilya Zakirjanova and Bek Talipov
Heather and Page Thompson
Trinity Parents Association
Tracey and Whit Watson '89
Pamela and David Waud
Rawn Williams '84

Amy and George Alvarez
Amazon Smile
Theresa Ashkar
Pam and Neal Ater
Teresa and Ozer Balli
Irina and Vladimir Balon
Ginger and Fred Bondesen
Johannah and Stew Brown
Renae and Jason Bruce
Melody and Charles Capehart
Wendy and Robert Collette
Maria Estrella Acosta-Cunanan and Algene Cunanan
Carolina Cordova and Sebastian de la Fuente
Stacey and William Todd Demetriades
Sara and Jason Dowdy
Stephanie Dryden and Robbie Boerth
Kelly Gaines
Itzel Sotorosa and Esteban Garcia

Haley and Derek Gregg
Sandra and Don Harvey '87
Bridget and James Hawley
Allison and Peter Hosbein
Janet and Tain-Yen Hsia
Jill and Alan Johnson '73
Helen '87 and Anthony Leonard
Swantje Knye-Levin and Mitch Levin
Ana Maria Sanson and Salvador Lairet
Jody and Craig Maughan
Neva and Bill Meek
Barbara and Jim Olavarria
Cally and Oscar Patino
Robin and Phillip Senderowitz
Geeya and Dale Sickler
Erin and Gregg Smith
Anita and Jerry Smith
Lucretia and Mike Toth '75
PO I and Pei-Fen Tseng
Nancy and Dale Vosburgh
Jayne and Chris Wasyliw
Wencai and Lili Zhang

Alexander Ashkar
Judy Albertson
Randy Brown
Central Florida Foundation
Catherine and Scott Davey
Donna and Jason Daviduke '97
Aileen and Melvin Field
Anthony Guarino '05
Deanna and Mike Hill
Sarah and Isaac Hill
Holly Rush and Michael Kaplan
Kelly and Eric Kortman
Sharon Lerner
Scott Lezberg '94
Carrie and Stephen Lopez
Lisa and David Martyny
Elmarie and Bruce Mortimer
Christina and Ben Newman '85
Northrop Grumman Corp
Charity Trust


Jon Palma '96
Jadzia Butler Pierce '06 and Mike Pierce
Hortensia Quevedo Pini and Ray Pini
Priscilla and Art Pini
Maria and Eloy Quevedo
Kelly and Martin Ressler
Dean Rhoads
Gilbert Rooth
Pascaline Straube
Anne Marie and Brad Stricklin
Afi Eframian and Adam Tanielian
Barbara Scott Williamson '71 and Peter Wenner
Lynn Wilbur
Scottie Smith and Jeffrey Wilemon
Joy Stuart Willey '84 and David Willey
Stefani and John Wood
Xiaowen Wu and Dingbao Wang
Pamela and Eric Zaytzeff


Genny and Christopher Agnew
Russel Althouse
Sharon and Jeff Ambrose
Susan Bouldin Anders '76 and Park Anders, Jr. 
Allison and Mike Arney
Irina and James Ashcraft
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
Nancy Austin
Sarah Badawi '04
Andrea and Stephen Baron
Geoff Bedine
Shannon and Jay Bergman
Reggie Berthiaume
Mariana Armas and Manuel Betancourt
Lenna and Ryan Bowden
Charlene Robertson and Kurt Bowman
Rachel Bach Bridgeman '00 and Marc Bridgeman
Stacy and Jay Brock
Traci Brown
Parker Brown '12
Emily Massey-Burmeister and Brandon Burmeister '00
Adrienne and Isiah Cabal
Yolanda and Bob Cadle '70
Maya Dema and Robert Cambridge
Kim and Danny Carr
Jeannette and Charles Campbell
Jackie and James Carlin
Tim Carney '12
Caroline Carney '14
Christina and Chance Carter
Pilar and Eduardo Carvajal
Karen and Tom Cary
Yong and Yueqin Chen
Barbara Clanton
Jenn Beaman Clark '97 and Graham Clark
Class of 2023
Caroline '75 and Jay Cookingham
Liz Corey '80
Susanna Cox
Carol and Michael Cushing
Rita Daugherty
Donna and Jason Daviduke '97
Joanne and Leo Davis
Amanda and Bill Dean
Jing Jiao DeBaere
Maria and Freddy DeCoster
Maria Diaz-Bordon
Ali Brosokas Dodds '04 and Ryan Dodds
Jen Donahue '01
Mary and Paul Donohue
Michele Casey-Driscoll and Mike Driscoll
Connor Durham
Kathleen Escano
David Figueroa-Ortiz
Paula and Lennox Flynn
Susan Frederick
Gloria Fry
Melissa and Jason Frye
Kymberly Moreland-Garnett and Steven Garnett
Dan Gerscovich '00
Carina Gerscovich '04
Sue and Chris Giordano
Chris Goggin '18
Carroll and David Goggin
Sue Golmanavich
Emily and Andy Greenlee '94
Sonja Greenlee
Michelle and Jeff Greenwald
Robin and Tim Grenz
Christine Grover and Anibal Chiari
Rachael Gryder
Chad Hagle '94
Nicole and Lawrence Harasym
Julie Osmanski-Harmon and David Harmon
Chris Diebel Hempsted '83 and David Hempsted
Norali Hernandez
Janine and Bruce Herold
Kristie and Brian Hickok
Sarah and Isaac Hill
Chase Hodgson '17
Morgan Hodgson '14
Jennifer and Paul Hooper
Melissa and Scott Hopkins
Tom Horton '83
Tiffany '04 and Shawn Hutchinson
Intel Foundation (Benevity)
Kiva and Bradley James
Lynda and Darrell Jobman
Ann and Tirrell Johnson
Jordan Johnson
Sarah Jones '01
Lorajean and Kevin Keith
Carrie and Justin Kennedy
Rita and Thomas Kienle
Inny Kim
Kenn Kniel
Claudia and Brent Koepke
Jane Koepke
Anu and Siva Kondapalli
Helene Santanastasio-Krahling and Christopher Krahling
Deepa S. Shankar and Anand Krishnamoorthy
Roxann and Steve Krueger
Ali and Jocelyn Laassel
Debbie Taylor Langdon '78
Taylor Langdon '17
Ananda and Donald Lawson
Bozena and Danny Lawson
Laura and Brett Lawton
Ying and Jack Lee
Zach Lezberg '00
Diping and Hua Li
Jennifer and Edward Lightman
Susan Lilley

Melissa and David Lilley '85
Ema and Norbert Lou
Amanda Loudon
Jen Lowndes '96 and Tim Boeth
Inmaculada Lozano-Diaz
Sara Michael-Luna and David Luna
Maya Lupa
Kelly and Justin Mahler
Beth Malik
Meredith and Vadim Malkin
Dianne Marcum
Melinda and David Marshall
Tam Grindle Marshall '00 and Jason Marshall '98
Kim Martel
Joan and Mike Matthews
Mollie Baldwin McBroom '92
Jenna and Brandon McDermed
Kendall and Steven
Kyle McGimsey
Donna and Bob McIntosh '73
Jack McIntosh '12
Elizabeth McIntosh '09
Lauren and Scott McIver
Whitney Maughan McKnight '01 and Matthew McKnight
Holly Ownby McWilliams and Austin McWilliams '07
Erin Verkler Miller '00 and Jeff Miller '00 
Dana Miller
Lori Mills and Michael Schiro
Joann Moy
Shannon and Chuck Nadd '07
Erin Kirkwood Nauman '04 and Alex Nauman
Theresa Dang and Toan Nguyen
Ella Norman
Denise and Stephen Novacki
Barbara and Paul Olson
Malika Omawale
Julie Osmanski-Harmon and David Harmon
Michelle Ott
Georgia Parker
Annah Patterson
Lauren Perny Pragoff '99 and Scott Pragoff
Josh Proemsey '04
Jinmei Qi and Lijun Qu
Linda Rizzo
Tina and Jay Rooth
Misael Rosario
Steven Rosenstock '87
Glennys and Stefan Rubin
Karin and Darryl Rush
Mariela Saad-Delgado
Laura and Danny Sanborn '01
Taylor Schaeffer '14
Amber Fasula Scharlau '97 and Scott Scharlau
Wendy and Tom Schuett
Grant Senne '12
Qi and Jianxin Shen
Pamela Showalter '72
Joanna Shujman '05
Judith Shujman
Sally and Steve Simmons
Rylan Smith
Hallie Smith
Andi and Jeremy Sockwell
Vanessa and Nick Spallone
Susan and Terry Speicher
Sarah Sprinkle
Jessica and Jonathan Squires '02
Dee Starling
Daniela and Gustavo Stenzel
Carey and Byron Stewart
Debbie Sharooz Stockton '76 and Jim Stockton
Kitty Drew and Terry Strecker
Glenda and Scott Sukup
Shengyan Zhang and Guojun Sun
Janie Dorminy Sutton '82 and Gerald Sutton '83
Ellie and George Taylor
Usha Tewari '93
Jennifer and Brian Tischler
Pinida Toochinda '88 and Anthony Lin
Wendy Toscano
Denise Turner
Mary Lynn Ulch '85
Tillie and Sam Venus
Julie and Ryan von Weller '97
Dorothy and David Vosburgh
Eva Wagner
Nancy and Robert Wahl
Donna Walker
Gisela Alvarez and  Darryl Wallington
Rakhee and David Ward
Gabriela Weaver
Margaret Weeks '75
Beth Karres Wehr '82 and James Wehr
Amy Lowndes Wettach '80 and John Wettach '81
Callan Wettach '11
Helen and Jerry Wexler
Kelly and Gary White
Jon Wiese '12
Donna and Jerry Wiliams
Geneva Brundage-Williams '03 and Rob Williams '03
Jessica and David Williams '98
Elizabeth Willis
Julia and Jeff Wilson
Christina and Jon-Paul Wimer
Mari and Russell Wohlever
Jo Anna and John Wood
Donald Worcester
Qiming Yuan
Debrah Zeitler Reeve and Timothy Reeve
Rong Zhou

EE Ford Initiative

Edward E. Ford Foundation

Bridget and James Hawley
Carla and Cliff Stein

Sejal Dharia Patel and Vipul Patel


Kim and Steve Alch
Amy Jeffress and Casey Cooper '84
Kelli and Mark Martin
Nicki and Robert Rhee


Wendy and Rick Ahl Jr.
Patricia and Marlon Ilagan
Laura and Brett Lawton
Katie and Thad Seymour Jr.
Paula Shives
Heather and Page Thompson


Francesca and Andrew Asher '91
Bryn and Andrew Auld '01
Lynne and Dan Bachrach '89
Stacey and William Todd Demetriades
Amy and Steven DiClemente
Melissa and Al Farrell
Judy Burnett Manning and Kelvin Manning
Kelly Price
Cathy and Tom Riley
Amber Fasula Scharlau '97 and Scott Scharlau
Sue and Marc Silberbusch
Erin and Gregg Smith


Maria and Mark Alvarez
Becky Austin
Jill and Joe Avallone
Erica and Jason Bates
Jan and John Bill
Jill and Dean Bosco
Catherine Bowman
Allison and Sheldon Brandau
Kim and Danny Carr
Ellen Chamberlain and Aaron Edwards
Jenn Beaman Clark '97 and Graham Clark
Judith and Richard Cushing
Sarah duPont-Robbins
Holly and David Fisher
Julia and Gregory Goff
Maria and Jose Guiance
Mya and Alonzo Hatchette
Heather Hernan
Gina Jacobs Thomas and Jon Thomas
Adriana and Ross Jermano
Tami and Kyle Kilger
Becky and Tom Kohm
Kelly and Eric Kortman
Karen and William Lang

Courtney Haught and Byron Lawson Jr.
Christine and Peter Lemieux
Kathrynn and Floyd Livingston
Lambrine and Ronnie Macejewski
Jeni and Steve McNeill '82
Diana and Miguel Munoz
Victoria and John Myers
David and Julie Pankros
Stacey and Jason Paul
Parisa Pirouzi
Kelly and Martin Ressler
Ghada Sallit and Firas Munjed
Ana Maria Sanson and Salvador Lairet
Joy and Ruben Santiago
Ms. Deidre Saunders and Dr. Jared Krieger
Scott and Amber Scharlau
Rebecca and Clifford Selsky
Heather and Sam Stark
Carey and Byron Stewart
Iris and Damon Tanton
Damon Tanton
Marc Torres
Patricia and Thomas Toussaint
Mary Veradi and Brad Haner

Amy and George Alvarez
Cynthia and William Andrews
Renae and Jason Bruce
Maya Dema and Robert Cambridge
Michele Casey-Driscoll and Mike Driscoll
Esther and Daniel Cohen-Kovacs
Ingrid and Coleman Cordell
Cherie Depriest
Marie and Brian Dinklage
Stephanie Dryden and Robbie Boerth
Ginger and Greg Duggan
Zachary Elker
Liz Fasula Whiting '03 and Corey Whiting '03 
James Francis '06
Amy and Darren Frost
Kelly Gaines
Itzel Sotorosa and Esteban Garcia
Marlene and Kurt Gasner
Allison Muller Ghivizsani '77 and Steve Ghivizzani
Lauren and Brian Guppenberger
Stella and Ala Haddadin
Malcolm Hampden
Kristie and Brian Hickok
Lindsey Von Weller Kovaleski '99 and Mike Kovaleski '99
Andi Kroll
Roxann and Steve Krueger

Ananda and Donald Lawson
Kathleen and Alton Lightsey
Cathy and Jack Lyle
Heather and Rob MacCuspie '98
Christine and Ronald MacInnis
Karen and Michael Manglardi
Michelle and Chris Maughan '99
Jennifer and John McRae
Susan and Gregory Miles
Mindy Moulton Laverghetta
Theresa Dang and Toan Nguyen
Aimee Nocero Lewis '89 and Rodney Lewis
Annah Patterson
Dominique and Ron Piccolo
Rebecque Plante
Jinmei Qi and Lijun Qu
Jacqueline Randell
Cathy and Tom Riley
Kristen Rosario
Elizabeth and Justin Ruby
Stephanie Senft
Daxx Terry '04
Eileen and Sebastian Tongson
Ashleigh Torres
Nicole and Joe Turman
Denise Turner
Julie and Ryan von Weller '97
Nancy and Dale Vosburgh
Louise and David Williams
Jacquelynn and Victor Zollo