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Donor Wall 2022-23

Trinity Prep’s continued success is made possible each year by the philanthropic support of trustees, alumni, parents, grandparents, parents of alumni, faculty, staff, foundations,
businesses, and friends.

Trinity Prep Fund

Updated as of 9/21/22

Names to be announced.

Names to be announced.

Names to be announced.

Amy Jeffress & Casey Cooper '84
Michelle & Don Currie
Bridget & James Hawley
Dennis Herron
Liz Lowndes McIntosh '78 & Daniel McIntosh

Stephanie Dryden & Robbie Boerth
Tracy Bonday
Steven Saxon '73
Lynn Wilbur
Ms. Tresa Wilson

Lucy & Mike Carney
Sara & Jason Dowdy
Kelly Gaines
Robin & Phillip Senderowitz

Deanna & Mike Hill
Ananda & Donald Lawson
Kelly & Justin Mahler
Elmarie and Bruce Mortimer
Pascaline Straube
Anne Marie & Brad Stricklin
Scottie Smith & Jeffrey Wilemon
Mari & Russell Wohlever
Pamela and Eric Zaytzeff



Genny & Christopher Agnew
Kim & Steve Alch
Felicia Lopez-Krolik & Jorge Amador
Mike Arney
Irina and James Ashcraft
Shannon and Jay Bergman
Emily Massey-Burmeister and Brandon Burmeister '00
Christina and Chance Carter
Karen and Tom Cary
Christine Grover and Anibal Chiari
Amanda and Bill Dean
Maria and Freddy DeCoster
Nicholas Eliason
Harold Farris
Javier Garcia Fernandez
Gloria Fry
Kymberly Moreland-Garnett and Steven Garnett
Emily and Andy Greenlee '94
Robin and Tim Grenz
Rachael Gryder
Patricia and Earle Harris
Chris Diebel Hempsted '83 and David Hempsted
Sarah and Isaac Hill
Lorajean and Kevin Keith
Rita and Thomas Kienle
Inny Kim
Roxann and Steve Krueger
Amanda Loudon
Meredith and Vadim Malkin
Tam Grindle Marshall '00 and Jason Marshall '98


Maureen May
Jenna and Brandon McDermed
Kyle McGimsey
Dana Miller
Erin Verkler Miller '00 and Jeff Miller '00 
Evelyn Moskovitz
Joann Moy
Kristy Nave
Malika Omawale
Christopher Newman
Susan Lilley
Janine Papin
Georgia Parker
Hannah Parker '13
Kim Ragan
Linda Rizzo
Ann Skippers
Rylan Smith
Andi and Jeremy Sockwell
Vanessa and Nick Spallone
Susan and Terry Speicher
Glenda and Scott Sukup
Wendy Toscano
Donna Walker
Gabriela Weaver
Beth Karres Wehr '82 and James Wehr
Kelly and Gary White
Julia and Jeff Wilson
Stefani and John Wood
Donald Worcester